IEEE Joint CS/CTCN/COMSOC Austin Chapter invites you for An insightful and intriguing view on Body Hacking

Title: “BodyHacking: Improving Yourself Through Science, Data, and Technology”

Presenter: Dustin D. Trammel, Chief Executive Officer, Trammell Ventures


Date:   17-August-2016

Time:  06:00PM to 08:30PM (2.50 hours)

Location: Cadence Design Systems

12515-7 Research Boulevard, Suite 130

Austin, TX 78759








Bodyhackers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Even “normal” ones. That’s because bodyhacking isn’t just about appearances. It can relate to inward reflection, chemical adjustment, or even a fancy new watch that connects to a smartphone. The body is a vehicle to be tuned, modified, added to, taken away from, painted, tweaked, and customized. Maybe your preferred method is listed here. Maybe it isn’t. Either way, you belong at BDYHAX.


BodyHackingcon 2017

Saturday January 28 – Sunday January 29

Austin Convention Center


Brief Bio:

Dustin brings over 15 years of experience in advanced information security research and architecting secure networks and systems. Having long held an interest in cryptography and privacy he became an early contributor to and adopter of Bitcoin. As best as we can tell, he was second person after Satoshi to join the bitcoin peer-to-peer network and the third person after Hal Finney to transact with the cryptocurrency. His early involvement led him to need to make a public statement in 2013 that he was not Satoshi Nakamoto. Dustin is also a passionate advocate for the bodyhacking/biohacking movement. His knowledge of blockchain and information security technologies serves as a wellspring that inspires and informs his investment and inception decisions.

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