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Brain to Computer Interface Competition

Brain To Computer Interface Competition
B2CI 2019

March 2, 2019

At the National Electronics Museum, Linthicum, MD
(Near BWI Marshall Airport, south of Baltimore)

Engineering, Computer Science, Game Developers, and any other interested students are invited to build teams to compete in the two events.  Compete against other colleges & universities!  A third event, a poster session, is also scheduled for researchers working on Brain-to-Computer Interfaces or EEGs.  Read more details about B2CI2019 below the “Upcoming Events” section.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Upcoming Events

Please join us for our next event: Register Here

Try out the brainwave headsets!
Ask questions!  See demonstrations!

“Meet the Judges” on Saturday 3 November.
10am – 2pm at Capitol Technology University

11301 Springfield Road
Laurel, MD 20708

More details about B2CI 2019

B2CI 2019 will be hosting multiple events at the collegiate competition:
1. Brain-Drone Race
Students will use headsets to pick up brain waves to control aerial drones. The UAS Academy Program ( is available to help students learn about aerial drones.

2. Brain-Controlled Computer Games
Game developers will design and code computer games that utilize brainwave headsets in any capacity. Judging will be subjective, but rubric based. Teams can use any headsets they choose for their games. Headsets can be commercial or open source.

3. Poster Session and Open Showcase
This allows engineering and computer science majors, along with psychology and biology majors, to enter research posters on brain waves, EEGs, neurofeedback, bio-signal processing, or any related topic. Student teams are invited to enter B2CI projects of their own design in the Open Showcase. Examples might be Brain Controlled BB-8 droids, EEG headsets to control robot cars, or wheelchairs controlled by brainwaves.