IEEE Baltimore Section



Baltimore Section Elections

Voting has begun!

Baltimore Section voting has begun and will proceed until December 9th at 11:59 p.m.  Our elected positions are Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary.  Look for an Email in you inbox announcing the election and instructions for placing your vote.  This year’s nominees along with their biographies are below.


Nominee for Chair ⇒ Kenaz Wong
Nominee for Vice-Chair ⇒ Michael Pearse
Nominee for Treasurer ⇒ Benjamin Tsui
Nominee for Secretary ⇒ Michael Powers


Kenaz Wong (Nominee for Chair) Bio:

I am seeking election as Chair for the Baltimore Section of the IEEE. I have been a member of
the IEEE for more than 20 years and am a member of Microwave Theory and Techniques (MTT)
Society. I am also a member of IEEE MTT Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Packaging and
Manufacturing Technical Committee. I am the Treasurer of IEEE Baltimore Section and the
Vice Chair and a former Chair of the Baltimore Antenna Propagation/Microwave Theory and
Techniques (AP/MTT) Chapter. I have served as a steering committee member for International
Microwave Symposium 2018. I received BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1990) and University of Kansas in Lawrence
(1992), respectively. Currently, I am the Director of RF Components at Parry Labs. I have over
25 years of industry experience in design and development of Transmit/Receive (T/R) modules
and monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) from UHF to W-band for fielded
commercial and military applications. As a T/R module subject matter expert, I have advised
various government acquisition teams for various programs. I oversaw major MMIC
development programs and was instrumental to several major development programs such as
DARPA’s Title III program. I have co-authored several conference and journal papers.

Position Statement:
The IEEE is a worldwide organization that is dedicated to advancing technological innovation
and excellence and to provide learning opportunities within the engineering sciences, research,
and technology. It is important that the IEEE remain its commitment to educational obligation,
new technological exploration, and promotion of the engineering process of creating, developing,
integrating, sharing, and applying knowledge about electro- and information technologies. As a
section officer, I will ensure that our section will continue our commitment to promote
technology, provide assistance to local chapters, and introduce and encourage high school
students to careers in engineering.


Michael Pearse (Nominee for Vice-Chair) Bio:

I have been a member of the IEEE since 2004. After completing my graduate studies in the
United Kingdom, the competition was between joining the British Computer Society or the
IEEE. I had always wanted a way to give back to my community. I found that opportunity with
IEEE. Over the years, I transitioned from being an active member to being a GOLD (Graduates
of Last Decade) chair (Baltimore) and the Regional 2 GOLD Coordinator and many other
positions. Steering young folks towards STEM-related studies (Science, Technology,
Engineering and Mathematics) is a passion for me. I look forward to the opportunity to continue
supporting the IEEE to achieving that goal.

Position Statement
Being proactive, agile and opportunity-minded are the key words. This is not just theoretical for
me. I have Pioneered the collaboration between the NFB (National Federation of the Blind) STEP
event and the Baltimore GOLD group, which is now an annual event.
Fostered collaboration between the Baltimore GOLD, District of Columbia (DC),
Northern Virginia (NOVA) and John Hopkins WIE (Women In Engineering) which has
given birth to the joint annual picnic.
These achievements amongst others are a direct result of being proactive and agile in deed and
ideas. If elected as my first action item will be to take the ‘pulse’ of ongoing activities by way of
a survey. I want to measure wherein lies our strength, our weaknesses, the opportunities and
potential threats. It is crucial to know what exactly is happening on the ground. I plan to
contribute to such efforts by proactively finding out trends that may be an opportunity to the


Benjamin Tsui (Nominee for Treasurer) Bio:

I am seeking election as Treasurer for the Baltimore Section of IEEE. I have been a member of
IEEE for over 35 years and am currently a Life Fellow of the Nuclear and Plasma Science
Society (NPSS). In my educational background is a B.S. in Physics, 1970, The Chinese
University of Hong Kong, A.M. in physics, 1982, Dartmouth College, and Ph.D. in Medical
Physics, University of Chicago. I am a Professor of Radiology, Biomedical Engineering (BME),
and Electrical & Computer Engineering ECE), at Johns Hopkins University. My research
interests have been focused on clinical and pre-clinical biomedical imaging, especially in
SPECT, PET and CT. I am a Fellow of the IEEE, IOP and AIMBE and member of SNMMI and
AAPM. I am well published in scientific journals and have advised a substantial number of M.S.
and Ph.D. students in BME and ECE. I have served on scientific review committees of federal
agencies and foundations, and as a reviewer for numerous professional journals. I also have
served on IEEE NPSS subcommittees and conference committees. I was the MIC program chair
of the IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium (NPS) and Medical Imaging Conference (MIC) in
2001 and the General Chair in 2007.

Position Statement
Engineering sciences continue to lead major technological advances that have growing impact on
our daily lives. Research and professional engineers are in great demand to fill the needs of many
research and educational institutions, governmental agencies, and industrial companies. The
IEEE is an important organization promoting the research, education, application and
dissemination of various engineering sciences. The Baltimore Section of the IEEE can play a
useful role in coordinating, motivating and mobilizing grassroots efforts to promote IEEE’s
missions. If elected, I will try my best to continue and enhance the past efforts in introducing the
engineering sciences, especially biomedical engineering, to high school students. I have
constructed and administered numerous project and conference budgets and look forward to the
opportunity to providing careful fiscal stewardship of the Baltimore section’s resources.


Michael Powers (Nominee for Secretary) Bio:

I am seeking election as Secretary of the Baltimore Section. I am a senior member of the IEEE
and have been a member since 2002 when I joined the student branch at UMBC. After serving
as student branch chair and earning a B.S. in Computer Engineering, I obtained the M.S. and
Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland College Park. More
recently, I completed a Technical Management certificate at Johns Hopkins. I am currently the
Vice President and Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer at First Financial FCU, a large credit
union serving the Baltimore area, where I manage strategic-level projects and organizational
initiatives. Prior to this career broadening experience I was the leader of the Optical Sensing and
Imaging team at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory. I started my career at General Dynamics
Robotic Systems, an organization that was an early pioneer of autonomous vehicle technology.
My technical specialty and the subject of most of my published research is optics and photonics
applied to imaging, chemical detection, and autonomous vehicle perception.

Position Statement
My goal is to become engaged in the Baltimore section through the responsibilities and
commitment of the section Secretary. Since leaving the Army Research Lab last year I have the
perspective of the “engineering diaspora,” i.e., those who left technical work to benefit other
areas where engineering skills are relevant but relatively scarce. Through my involvement in the
Baltimore section I would like to contribute to the IEEE’s service to the profession as an anchor
for those whose current employment or unemployment would otherwise leave them disconnected
from their technical background.