IEEE Green Energy and Smart Systems Conference
Long Beach, CA, November 5-6, 2018

Keynote Speaker

Douglas J. Malewicki, Inventor, Founder and Chief Visionary of SkyTran, Inc.

Title: SkyTran – Fast, Green transit for Smart cities



SkyTran is the affordable MagLev solution to eliminate INTRACITY commuter congestion in future SMART cities.  Furthermore, when traveling between cities that are 500 miles apart or less, SkyTran INTERCITY point-to-point travel times will beat flying by commercial jet.  The real advantages to SkyTran, however, are low capital costs and GREEN super high pure electric efficiency (200 MPGe while cruising at a steady 100 MPH).

Since SkyTran is elevated above all surface traffic, it can’t crash into pedestrians, children or pets.  Nor can it derail or lose control in wet, snowy or icy weather because the power and SMART control bogie is trapped inside the guideway.  All stations are offline, so as not to impede non-stop, freeway-like throughput.  The small, low cost, bus-stop like stations and on-demand service means never an accumulation of hundreds of people waiting for a scheduled, large size, mass transportation vehicle to arrive.  Low cost offline stations also mean a SMART city of the future can afford to place many, many more stations for everyone’s convenience.  The advanced SMART sensing and control are by their nature inherently simpler than for the self-driving Google cars because SkyTran is fixed to an overhead guideway.  Eliminating human inattention eliminates 93% of ALL car crashes.

MagLev SkyTran pods only carry two passengers, whereas typical monorails carry hundreds of passengers.  That means the overhead guideway structure for SkyTran no longer has to be gigantic, like the very expensive overhead tracks that can safely carry 100,000 pound monorail trains.  Passive SkyTran guideway costs are surprisingly similar to the cost of sidewalks per kilometer.  Thus, it doesn’t take a zillion dollars to cover a city with a 1 mile by 1 mile interconnected overhead 3D grid system.  Because of the advances and corresponding cost reductions in sensors and controls (SMART SYSTEMS) and the use of all offline stations, SkyTran Pods will travel all over the city at steady, non-stop 100 MPH speeds.  Note that a single, low cost SkyTran bi-directional guideway will carry more passengers per hour than carried by a 6 lane freeway (per CalTrans).  Our complete 3D SkyTran grid cannot be saturated.  Overhead SkyTran traffic will move uncongested forever.



Doug Malewicki is an Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineer with a MS from Stanford University.  Doug holds patents on inventions in the diversified fields of aerospace, medicine, transportation, toys and disaster recovery.

He is President/Chief Scientist for AeroVisions Inc., a company he founded in 1974 and incorporated in 1980 for the purpose of developing, promoting and commercializing his numerous inventions. His current main focus is his super-aerodynamic, lightweight, high speed, low cost SkyTran invention – an on-demand, personalized MagLev transit system. where he is the Chief Visionary and Founder at SkyTran, Inc.

In the early 80s, he set two official Guinness World records for achieving over 150 miles per gallon fuel efficiency on cross-country runs at freeway speeds driving his CALIFORNIA COMMUTER. SkyTran will obtain over 200 miles per gallon equivalent while speeding along at 100 miles per hour!

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