Call for Papers


Special issue Publication Submission deadline (web)
Recent advances on security and privacy in Intelligent Transportation Systems Ad Hoc Networks 1 March 2018
Smart Rail Mobility: Communications, Signaling and Emerging Technologies IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 1 March 2018
Sensing, Modeling and Control of Connected and Automated Vehicle-Traffic Systems Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies 1 March 2018
Connected Vehicles Series IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 1 April 2018
Internet of Electric Vehicles and Smart Grid IEEE Communications Magazine 1 April 2018
IoT on the Move: Enabling Technologies and Driving Applications for Internet of Intelligent Vehicles IEEE Internet of Things Journal 1 April 2018
Intelligent transportation systems empowered by AI technologies IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 1 June 2018
Fog/Edge Computing for Autonomous and Connected Cars IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 1 June 2018
Internet of Things for Smart Cities: Technologies and Applications IEEE Network 15 June 2018
Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications in Wireless Networks IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 15 June 2018
Machine Learning-based Internet of Vehicle: Theory, Methodology, and Applications IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 1 September 2018

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