2017 ComTech Innovation Summit in Health and Wellness, September 6, 2017
June 4, 2017

The ComTech Innovation  one day Summit provides vision,  breakthrough in innovation, technology impact & regulatory challenges related to health with smart connected medical devices and wearables, remote monitoring & management, data analytics and AI and assess impact and influence towards precision and personalization.

Suggested Topics:

  • Global healthcare challenges, vision, roadmap to smart connected healthcare system for personalized services.
  • Monitoring, diagnostics, surgical, emergency care
  • Preventive and Precision Medicine
  • mHealth Innovations
  • Healthcare innovations: Wireless devices, systems, services
  • Use of technology such as sensors, Wireless, LTE-5G,  IoT,  virtualization, cloud-based big data/analytics and security in delivering ecosystem solutions
  • Medical and Healthcare Data Communication, Security, Privacy
  • Regulatory challenges

We welcome your participation and support. If you wish to present or help, please send a quick message to f.behmann@ieee.org.