2018 IEEE GreenTech International Conference of Smart City”, Austin, April 4-6
June 4, 2017

The GreenTech of Smart City conference provides a forum with government, industry and researchers and startups to collaborate and innovate on future frameworks, plans and technological solutions in moving towards smart green cities.

For example, moving to a smarter grid will reduce emissions by allowing greater integration of renewables and more efficient use of the energy they produce, integration of smart vehicles which can act as storage devices to reduce transmission losses and promote cleaner transport and the introduction of demand response mechanisms to reduce demand.

By improving people’s experiences on the road, in the air, at stores and at work, technologies are moving us all toward a better life and a better world.

Suggested Topics:

  • Smart cities impacted by Green Technology empowered by IoT, wireless, virtualization and  Analytics/AI technologies
  • City’s environmental challenges (emissions, waste water management, recycling)
  • Smart Energy Consumer-Grid: Appliances, smart homes, building, transportation, industrial, distribution, transmission monitoring, Reliability, Efficiency, creative billing, and sustainability
  • Regulatory considerations, Policies, Economics and Sustainability
  • Climate change adaptation & resiliency / Climate risk and adaptation strategy
  • Micro-grids: ac/dc systems, control and optimization, energy management, storage
  • Energy Efficiency and Consumption: business models, incentives, markets, policies and frameworks, and smart customers, loads and meters
  • Electric Transportation and Smart Grids: electric vehicle charging/discharging strategies, grid interface and impacts, resilience, sustainability
  • Power Transmission & Distribution (e.g. Remote communication and control of T&D assets, Distribution System Reliability)
  • Next Generation Control Centers: generation, T&D control centers and system operators and applications (big data analytics, visualizations, situational awareness)

Case Study: Pecan Street Project

Case Study: Autonomous Vehicles

End Users: Industrial, Transportation, Building Technologies

We welcome your participation and support. If you wish to present or help, please send a quick message to f.behmann@ieee.org