Next Generation Biometric Sensing in Wearables
July 1, 2017

Austin EMBS & Computer joint chapter in collaboration with ComSoc & Signal Processing joint chapter is pleased announce the upcoming talk in Austin.

Date: July 26, 2017             Start – End: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Location: AT&T Labs, Arboretum, Austin

Topic Title:

“Next Generation Biometric Sensing in Wearables”


Attendees will learn considerations of adding biometric sensors to wearable hardware designs, including optical and skin temperature sensor selection, placement, signal quality, optical overlay design, fit, electrodes, and ambient light blocking considerations. The presentation will cover some of the tradeoffs for performance versus power consumption and cost of their solution. We will discuss the impact of ambient light noise on performance and optical blocking techniques. The presentation will also cover methods to reduce noise due to motion artifacts, including band design, skin contact, and use of an accelerometer to mitigate noise in the system.

Presenter/Bio: Dr. Colin Tompkins, Silicon Labs

Colin Tompkins is a Director of Applications Engineering at Silicon Labs in the Internet of Things products group, where he leads an engineering team focused on developing solutions and software for sensors.  After joining Silicon Labs in 1999, Colin worked in applications engineering leadership and product management roles on several of Silicon Labs’ breakthrough products, including the silicon DAA, FM radio, and voice communications products.  Since 2012, he has led the sensors applications engineering team, responsible for environmental and optical sensing applications engineering.   Prior to Silicon Labs, he held applications engineering positions with National Semiconductor in California and Austin, Texas.  Colin is a founding officer of the Central Texas MEMS & Sensors IEEE Chapter, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University.




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