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Big Data: Big Hype or Big Imperative?

Saturday, October 29th, 2016

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November 3, IEEE Rock Stars of  “Big Data: Big Hype or Big Imperative?”


Date: November 3, 2016

Location: Brazos Hall, 204 East 4th Street, Texas 78701


Business departments know the promise of big data – and they want it! But newly minted data scientists can’t yet meet expectations, and technologies remain immature. Yes, big data is transforming the way we do – everything. But knowing that doesn’t help you decide what steps to take tomorrow to assure your company’s future. That’s why November 3rd is your real-world answer. Come meet the experts who are grappling with and solving the problems you face in mining the value of big data. You literally can’t afford to miss the all new Rock Stars of Big Data 2016.




5G and Future Wireless Internet: Challenges and Emerging Technologies

Saturday, October 29th, 2016

anthony-chanDecember 1 – ComSoc/SP/CS Special MTG


IEEE Joint  COMSOC/SP/CS Austin Chapters invites you for  an insightful and intriguing view on the topic of 5G and Future Wireless Internet.

Title: “5G and Future Wireless Internet: Challenges and Emerging Technologies”

Presenter: Distinguished Lecturer Dr. H. Anthony Chan, Huawei

Date:                           1 December, 2016

Time:                          06:00PM to 08:00PM

Location:        AT&T Labs, 9505 Arboretum, Austin, TX









Wireless devices are becoming more diverse with not just over 6 billion wireless phones but also possibly a much larger number of sensors, machines contributing to machine to machine communication, and practical everything in the so called Internet of Things (IoT). With an anticipated growth in orders of magnitude of the number of these devices by year 2025, more dense radio networks are emerging. Both data and signaling from mobile devices are expected to grow exponentially over the next five or more years. The cellular networks serving cellular phones and mobile devices globally have employed centralized control with different network functions arranged in a hierarchy. On the other hand, the Internet which is originally built for fixed users is making perhaps the biggest changes to serve the wireless users. Meanwhile networks are being transformed with software defined networking as well as network function virtualization and cloudification as the technologies in communication technologies and information technologies are merging. Standards to define 5G technologies are underway.



Brief Bio:

  1. Anthony Chan received his PhD in physics at University of Maryland, College Park in 1982 and then continued post-doctorate research there in basic science. After joining the former AT&T Bell Labs in 1986, his work moved to industry-oriented research in areas of interconnection, electronic packaging, reliability, and assembly in manufacturing, and then moved again to network management, network architecture and standards for both wireless and wireline networks. He moved to academia as professor at University of Cape Town in 2004, and moved again to industry research as he joined Huawei Technologies in Dallas USA in 2007. His current research in the Wireless Research and Standards organization of Huawei Technologies is in 5G Wireless core network with software defined network and network virtualization.


Anthony is a Fellow of IEEE, a honorary professor at The University of Hong Kong, and an adjunct professor of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He contributes to IETF and IEEE802.21 standards and had chaired IEEE Standard 802.21c Task Group on Single Radio Handover Optimization. He has authored/co-authored over 200 conference and journal papers, a research handbook, several book chapters, and over 20 US patents. He is a Distinguished Lecturer/Speaker of IEEE Communication Society and of IEEE Reliability Society. He had delivered 10 conference keynotes and 40 conference tutorials / short courses. His talks attempt to bring in practical issues from the industry while also offering conceptual clarity to be of broader interest to the audience.

New FAA Drone regulations effective August 29th, 2016 and Integration of Drones Into Multiple Business Models

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016


An event with high interest.

You are welcome to sign up for the following events: 

(1) and (2) are FREE with F&B 

For (3) and (4),  please check the website for details


(1) Sep 22-ComSoc/SP/CS MTG

IEEE Joint  COMSOC/SP/CS Austin Chapters invites you for

An insightful and intriguing view on Drone usage and regulations

Title: “New FAA Drone regulations effective August 29th, 2016 and Integration of Drones Into Multiple Business Models ”

Presenter: Robert Youens, Owner of Camera Wings

Date:                           22 September 2016

Time:                          06:00PM to 07:30PM

Location:                     AT&T Labs,

9505 Arboretum, Austin, TX





You will have the opportunity to visit with representatives from an industry leading drone imaging firm.  Examples of work done for a  number of industries will be shared including, architectural engineering & design, oil research & production, motion picture & television, commercial real estate marketing, and industrial assessments.   You will leave with an understanding of Federal, State and Local regulations and how they may impact your ability to utilize drone imaging.   You will not want to miss this opportunity!


Brief Bio:

Robert Youens
Owner: Camera Wings Aerial Photography

Studying Engineering at Texas A&M, College Station and Business at The University of Texas, Austin has given Mr. Youens a solid base to drive technology in the immerging field of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems / Drones. The past 8 years have been focused on unmanned aircraft development, advancing flight control, integration of modern photogrammetry (digital aerial mapping), architectural analysis and motion picture cinematography techniques. His team of developers include a leading Defense Department imaging expert, flight systems designers, computing specialists, video editors and cinematographers that are pushing the bleeding edge of UAS usage. While others are involved in UAS development, with Mr. Youens every second of every day is 100% committed to Drone imaging advancement. Check out

An examples of his work in the U.S. and internationally include:

  1. Architectural View Analysis of future high rises in Houston, Boston, Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Austin. This work is done with a Patent Pending drone camera system developed by Camera Wings Aerial Photography.
  2. 3D mapping of the Circuit Of The Americas race track – Austin, TX, Exuma Chain of Islands in Southern Bahamas for University of Miami, West Caicos Island in Turks & Caicos for University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology, Bonaire in the Dutch Antilles for Texas A&M.
  3. Motion Picture and TV cinematography with projects including the recently released feature movie MAX for MGM, Angle Sings working with Texas Director
  4. Commercial Real Estate: CBRE, Trammel Crow, Stream Realty, HFF, Oxford Commercial, Johnson Development are just a few examples of the movers and shakers Mr. Youens works with in this industry.


Mr. Youens enjoys public speaking and sharing with all that will listen, the fun and fortunes that can be had with “Drones”. 9-22-2016-integration-drones-camera-wings

Smart Tech Workshop

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

Texas Wireless Summit 2016 – 18 October 2016, Austin

Sunday, August 7th, 2016

Texas Wireless Summit 2016 – 18 October 2016, Austin

On October 18, 2016, Texas Wireless Summit (TWS) will explore how automated vehicles will re-shape wireless over the next 10 years with their demands for coordinated sensing and decision-making. Reshaping Wireless through Automated Vehicles will look at the benefits and requirements of connectivity, the key challenges of vehicle sensing and shared data analytics, including lightly-processed radar, lidar and camera data.

Register online NOW and save $50 off the normal ticket price!  Visit: for more details and to register.

IEEE N3XT – 17 September 2016, Austin; Galvanize Austi

Sunday, August 7th, 2016

IEEE N3XT – 17 September 2016, Austin

17 September 2016 | Galvanize Austin | Austin, TX, USA

 The name N3XT™ embodies the spirit of future technological development by using the root of the word “next,” and the numeral “3” to represent the three event pillars of ideas, innovation, and inspiration.

This event is valuable to you if you are:

  • an aspiring, early-stage, or successful technical entrepreneur
  • transforming your education ideas into inventions or applications
  • interested in learning from conversations with founder peers and the larger technical startup community.
  • inspired by visionaries sharing their stories
  • service provider or vendor to the startup or small business community
  • venture capitalist, accelerator, incubator, angel investor or others involved in supporting new startup activity.

By bringing together the technical entrepreneur community, this event will foster collaboration and innovation, as well as provide encouragement and skills building to the entrepreneurs looking to make their mark.

For details and registration visit

BodyHacking: Improving Yourself Through Science, Data, and Technology

Sunday, August 7th, 2016

IEEE Joint CS/CTCN/COMSOC Austin Chapter invites you for

An insightful and intriguing view on Body Hacking

Presenter: Dustin D. Trammel, Chief Executive Officer, Trammell Ventures

Date:   17-August-2016

Time:  06:00PM to 08:30PM (2.50 hours)

Location: Cadence Design Systems

12515-7 Research Boulevard, Suite 130

Austin, TX 78759





Bodyhackers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Even “normal” ones. That’s because bodyhacking isn’t just about appearances. It can relate to inward reflection, chemical adjustment, or even a fancy new watch that connects to a smartphone. The body is a vehicle to be tuned, modified, added to, taken away from, painted, tweaked, and customized. Maybe your preferred method is listed here. Maybe it isn’t. Either way, you belong at BDYHAX.

BodyHackingcon 2017

Saturday January 28 – Sunday January 29

Austin Convention Center


Brief Bio:

Dustin brings over 15 years of experience in advanced information security research and architecting secure networks and systems. Having long held an interest in cryptography and privacy he became an early contributor to and adopter of Bitcoin. As best as we can tell, he was second person after Satoshi to join the bitcoin peer-to-peer network and the third person after Hal Finney to transact with the cryptocurrency. His early involvement led him to need to make a public statement in 2013 that he was not Satoshi Nakamoto. Dustin is also a passionate advocate for the bodyhacking/biohacking movement. His knowledge of blockchain and information security technologies serves as a wellspring that inspires and informs his investment and inception decisions.


If you need more information, please connect to one of the following chairs:


If you need more information, please connect to one of the following chairs:


Computer Society Austin Chapter:






Communications/Signal Processing Austin Joint Chapters:




August 3, 2016: NIWeek 5G Summit

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

Sponsored by IEEE ComSoc, the NIWeek 5G Summit gives you an inside look at the what, when, where, and why of 5G research. Hear wireless communications experts share their vision on key 5G topics, including new physical layer designs; large-channel massive multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) systems; and advances in millimeter wave (mmWave) communications. Additionally, learn how to accelerate research and validate results using the latest hardware and software technologies from NI.


The event is for engineers, scientists, researchers, professors, industry experts, test managers, and students.


2016 5G Summit Sessions

  • Panel: How Will Record-Setting Spectral Efficiency Impact Real 5G Systems?
  • Panel: Pushing the Bandwidth Limits With New Spectrum—How Much Is Enough?
  • Panel: The Path to 5G Standards
  • Panel: Cellular Technologies in Unlicensed Spectrum: LTE-U, LAA, and Beyond


Experience the NIWeek 5G Summit, Sponsored by IEEE ComSoc

Explore trends in next-generation wireless communications at the 5G Summit on August 3.


Register here


Virtualization – a key driver for 5G and IoT

Friday, June 10th, 2016

IEEE COMSOC/SP/CS Austin Chapter invites you for

An insightful and intriguing view on IoT, 5G and Virtualization presentation


Title: “Virtualization – a key driver for 5G and IoT”


Presenter: Fawzi Behmann, TelNet Management


Date:   23-June-2016

Time:   06:00PM to 08:00PM (2.00 hours)

Location: AT&T Labs, Arboretum, Austin








5G is not only classified as a higher bandwidth radio access technology, but also be the network for low-power devices and sensors that are classified as IoT devices, as well as low latency applications. Thus, 5G wireless network virtualization is envisioned to support billions of devices for wireless subscriptions and incorporate new wireless services for IoT.


In order to support such varying 5G use cases across multiple verticals, operators need to shift from being network centric to being more service oriented.


The best way to implement these network slices will be via virtualization – to use service provider SDN, NFV and network orchestration.


The presentation will provides technological progress, status and examples on IoT, 5G and how Virtualization will play an important part in accelerating services roll-out.



Brief Biography:

Fawzi is a visionary, thought leader, author and contributor in advancing adoption of technology in serving humanity. Fawzi spent over 30 years in industry and held various executive and leadership positions with Tier 1 companies in the areas of communications and networks spanning Semiconductor, communication systems and service provider. Fawzi led the definition and the developing hierarchical telecom networking management solution at Teleglobe Canada. He was a senior product manager with Nortel Networks for broadband edge and core nodes. Fawzi also served as the Director of Strategic Marketing with Motorola/Freescale for SoC networking & Communications product line in Austin, Texas.


Fawzi is passionate about technology automation and has founded TelNet Management Consulting in 2009 offering consulting services in the areas of smart networking solutions, IoT for key markets such as fitness & healthcare, smart homes/building, smart energy, smart infrastructure and smart cities. Fawzi is an international speaker, has several publications and recently a new book on the future of IoT “Collaborative Internet of Things for Future Smart Connected Life and Business “ published by Wiley,subjectCd-EEJ0.html

Fawzi has been the recipient of several awards from Industry and IEEE including CEO Freescale Diamond Chip Award in 2008, and IEEE ComSoc Chapter of the year award in 2015 and Outstanding R5 member award for 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Fawzi holds a Bachelor of Science with honors and distinction from Concordia University, Montreal; Masters in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo, Ontario  and Executive MBA from Queen’s University, Ontario Canada.

Engineering Overview to Legacy High School Students, Central Texas

Saturday, June 4th, 2016

Legacy Presentation May 23 2016Legacy Presentation May 23 2016High School in Central Texas Presentation May 23 2016