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Workshop on Fuzzy Similarity on December 11, 2017

Sunday, June 4th, 2017

IEEE CTS ComSoc/SP/CS/EMBS is collaborating with Texas State University,  School of Engineering on Senior Design Activity event  at San Marcus and offer a workshop on Fuzzy Similarity.

For the recent decades, we have seen rapid progress on hardware and intelligent applications. These bundled systems are widely dependent on traditional Artificial Intelligence techniques such as neural nets and deep learning. However, with a chip that can contain a billion of transistors, it is time to build a “massively parallel array processor” on such a chip. The massively parallel array processor can be used to implement the nearest neighbor (most fuzzy similar) classifiers for the recognition and classification problem, and the function computation model. That is, fuzzy similarity measurements can be used to find the nearest neighbor.

The modern CPU’s “functional programming model” is limited by the need to build functions that are denoted by expressions. The fuzzy-similarity-based function computation model is different. Given x, it searches the most fuzzy similar neighbor m of x and takes the function value f(m) of m as the function value f(x) of x.  This computation model is fundamentally a table-look-up approach. Previously, we did not try this model because a computer CPU is limited. Now, a chip can contain a billion of transistors. Also, we have seen the tremendous growth in silicon photonic circuits.  Therefore, it is time to try this function computation model.

Topics in the 2017 International Workshop on Fuzzy Similarity include but are not limited to the following:

  • Feature Extractions and Fuzzy Similarity Measurements.
  • Applications of   Fuzzy Similarity in image recognition, moving object detection, image description, time data classification, function computation model, self-driving car, natural language processing,  health care, genome, virtualization, and big data analysis.
  • Hardware and Platforms: Massively Parallel Array Processor, FPGA, IC Chips with a massive number of transistors, and OpenCL for heterogeneous computing platforms.
  • MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) or Silicon Photonic circuits for massively parallel processors.

We welcome your participation and contribution. If you wish to present, please send a quick message to Dr. CL Chang  or

2017 ComTech Innovation Summit in Health and Wellness, September 6, 2017

Sunday, June 4th, 2017

The ComTech Innovation  one day Summit provides vision,  breakthrough in innovation, technology impact & regulatory challenges related to health with smart connected medical devices and wearables, remote monitoring & management, data analytics and AI and assess impact and influence towards precision and personalization.

Suggested Topics:

  • Global healthcare challenges, vision, roadmap to smart connected healthcare system for personalized services.
  • Monitoring, diagnostics, surgical, emergency care
  • Preventive and Precision Medicine
  • mHealth Innovations
  • Healthcare innovations: Wireless devices, systems, services
  • Use of technology such as sensors, Wireless, LTE-5G,  IoT,  virtualization, cloud-based big data/analytics and security in delivering ecosystem solutions
  • Medical and Healthcare Data Communication, Security, Privacy
  • Regulatory challenges

We welcome your participation and support. If you wish to present or help, please send a quick message to

Big Data: Big Hype or Big Imperative?

Saturday, October 29th, 2016

Upcoming Events

November 3, IEEE Rock Stars of  “Big Data: Big Hype or Big Imperative?”


Date: November 3, 2016

Location: Brazos Hall, 204 East 4th Street, Texas 78701


Business departments know the promise of big data – and they want it! But newly minted data scientists can’t yet meet expectations, and technologies remain immature. Yes, big data is transforming the way we do – everything. But knowing that doesn’t help you decide what steps to take tomorrow to assure your company’s future. That’s why November 3rd is your real-world answer. Come meet the experts who are grappling with and solving the problems you face in mining the value of big data. You literally can’t afford to miss the all new Rock Stars of Big Data 2016.




Smart Tech Workshop

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

Engineering Overview to Legacy High School Students, Central Texas

Saturday, June 4th, 2016

Legacy Presentation May 23 2016Legacy Presentation May 23 2016High School in Central Texas Presentation May 23 2016

IEEE Workshop: “Manage Your Career – Don’t Get Blindsided by Reality”

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

An IEEE Workshop:

“Manage Your Career – Don’t Get Blindsided by Reality”

 Wednesday, August 28, 2013

 Hosted by CTCN & Co-Sponsored by CAS, SSCS, CEDA, TMC, WIE, CS/SPS

This is not your grandfather’s job market where one could work and retire from one company after 40 years.  Your father has probably not fared that well either.  The fast pace of technology change and productivity improvements, in an increasingly competitive market, have forced companies to change their strategy, frequently upgrade and improve their products or services, and adjust their workforce. 

Downsizing, outsourcing, automation, financial pressures, short-term demands, and failed strategy all contribute challenges to your career and your ultimate retirement goal.  How can one prepare for, react to, and manage this situation?  Smart, proactive career planning, management, and transition may be the answer.  The workshop objective is to increase your awareness of unintended consequences of change, to expect the unexpected, and to motivate you to proactively execute your career goals.

Get the full details, agenda and registration information here.