Welcome to the Central Texas Chapter of the IEEE EMC Society.

As part of the Central Texas Section of the IEEE, our chapter is open to those interested in the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) design, test, and certification. This web site provides Chapter and Society news, Chapter meeting information, details of relevant conferences, local job openings and links to other sites of interest.

NOTICE: The RSS feed boxes on the right side of the web page are not currently functional. Please bear with us as we work with the vTools people to get them working again. Until then, you can view upcoming Chapter events here and view upcoming Section events here.

Upcoming Events

∞ The Chapter will not hold a meeting on October so check out the meeting for November!

The Chapter will hold its next meeting on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at AT&T in the Arboretum in northwest Austin. This very special meeting is being held coincident with the ANSI C63 Committee meetings being held at ETS-LIndgren in Cedar Park. With the help of Janet O’Neil, we have convinced a few of the C63 members to speak on topics of their choice. Our speakers will be Art Wall of Radio Regulatory Consultants, Bob DeLisi of Underwriters Labs, and our own Jari Vikstedt of ETS-Lindgren. This will be a joint meeting with the local Chapters of the AP &  MTT Societies. This meeting is free of charge and open to all but there is limited seating. Please register online to reserve your space. A complimentary dinner will be served. Additional meeting details can be found here.


∞ The Chapter officers for 2017 are:

Chairman: Todd Steigerwald, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
Vice-Chair: Ross Carlton, National Instruments
Secretary: Mark Maynard, American Certification Body
Treasurer: Jack McFadden, ETS-Lindgren
Member-at-Large: Joe Tannehill, ETS-Lindgren

 CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS. The Chapter is seeking individuals or companies that would like to present on a topic of interest to the Chapter at one of our meetings. We are interested in any and all topics that impact EMC – electrical design, mechanical design, standards, test methods, electromagnetic environmental effects, test equipment, etc. Please contact one of our officers if you are interested and/or would like more information.

  CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS. The Chapter will hold officer elections in November using the online IEEE voting tool. If you are interested in serving or if you wish to nominate a member for the honor, please contact me. Our preference is to bring new officers in as Secretary and then progress though the officer positions in an orderly manner but don’t let that stop you from volunteering. Also, we are always in need of members interested in volunteering for a specific purpose (student branch liaison, technical program coordinator, etc) or for a specific event (Future City, science fairs, table-top show, etc).

Email List

Join the Chapter’s email list by sending a message from the email account you want to use to listserv@listserv.ieee.org with “subscribe CTS-EMCS first_name last_name” as the first line in the body of the message. You will receive a confirmation of your request and email list instructions. This email list is open to anyone. This email list will be used by the Chapter for meeting announcements and other official Chapter communications. List members are not able to post to the list. To leave the list, send an email from the registered email account to CTS-EMCS-signoff-request@LISTSERV.IEEE.ORG.

LinkedIn Group

Join the Chapter’s LinkedIn group “IEEE EMC Society – Central Texas Chapter” by clicking the link and selecting the “Join Group” button. (A free LinkedIn account is required.) Please note that this group is only for IEEE EMC Society members residing in the Central-Texas area or as determined by the Chapter officers on a case by case basis. The LinkedIn group is intended as a forum for Chapter members to discuss Chapter business, local EMC issues, jobs, and events.