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The IEEE Dallas Section Consultants Network represents members who practice their profession on a consulting basis.  We have prepared this website to assist companies in locating qualified IT professionals with technical expertise. You can learn more about IEEE in the news

We host monthly meetings (typically the 2nd Monday evening of the month and at the Holiday Inn Select in Richardson) with speakers who can enhance the business performance of our members. 

The consultants network members are in business as independent consultants.  This website is a free service to clients and consultants.  Please mention to our member consultants that you found them through the Consultants Network website.

To learn more about our members as entrepreneurs and women in engineering, you can see the streamed video of the IEEE in Action television show.

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 2018 Meetings

  • January 8:  Gary Tanel, Libra Industries:  Topic: Overview of High Speed Electronics Assembly with Processes and Videos arranged by Marvin Malme
  • February  12:   Dr. TJ Xia: New Ideas for Business: Whether you are a start up or work in a corporation you need to develop new ideas for business. TJ Xia will share the principles from his recently published book How to Inspire Outstanding Ideas.
  • March  12: Elizabeth Lions: Five Things Successful Job Seekers Need For 2018 To Land Quickly
  • April 9: Kelly Stark, Forward Vision Marketing, LLC,Educational Approach to Marketing Technology to answer the question why 70% of technology project roll-outs fail. 
  • May 14:   Bob Shapiro:  Region V Director, IEEE and You  (170348)
  • June 11: Bryan Chambers, Program Director, Blackstone Launchpad: How to Fund businesses and Get Picked (Maura Schreier-Fleming)
  • AUGUST 13:  John Linsdsay: John Lindsay: Presentation based on the “Smart City” app. It’s composite analytics app for traffic engineers. On the front end, volunteer drivers in the city install an Android app. Via the accelerometer and GPS, the app monitors the drivers for harsh deceleration, a leading indicator of accidents. Upon a harsh deceleration event, the location is logged. On the recently completed back end, traffic engineers see a searchable map view of aggregate driver events with the harsh deceleration markers and thus may observe clusters of those harsh deceleration events at specific location (which can represent higher risk locations within the city). With that “minimal viable product” completed, John is now trying to “sell” cities to participate in the free pilot phase.
  • September 10:  TBD. UTD Capstone program for Senior EE and Partners: What is it and how does it benefit business (David Daniels)
  • October 8: Farhin Ali: NeuroFeedback for Business Success
  • November 12: Planning Meeting 2019
  • December 12: Holiday party! Let’s celebrate!
  • Possible: Tax Issues for Small Business or Organizing for Business or Ecommerce ideas (amazon or ebay) (Maura Schreier-Fleming) or Texas Professional Engineer presentation. Ethics seminar (Joseph Miller)