The Dallas Section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a professional organization of electrical, electronic, and computer engineers in the greater Dallas area. It organizes technical, educational, and scientific meetings providing professional benefits to its members while contributing towards progress in the field. Approximately 6000 IEEE local members are served by the Section and its more than 20 IEEE professional Society chapters.

Monthly Section and Chapter Meetings are designed for general technical and professional interests. The societies page has a complete listing of active chapters (societies.) The section newsletter runs weekly and publishes upcoming events and special activities, and the monthly event calendar is updated each week on this website.

Interested IEEE members are invited to become active in the Dallas Section and its Society Chapters. All interested members are welcome to attend any of the Section and Chapter meetings or local seminars.

We encourage our members to consider becoming Senior IEEE members. Senior membership is an honor.  Only 8% of IEEE’s approximately 400,000 members hold the grade of Senior member. Senior members have extensive experience and documented achievements of significance.

Companies who are interested in advertising to our members can refer to our advertising program.

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