Section Officers 2018

Executive Committee

Committee Positions

  • Website and Social Media Chair
    Carlos Torres
  • Membership Coordinator
  • PACE Chair (Professional Activities)

Affinity Chairpersons

Officer Descriptions

Section Chair:
  • Know about:  IEEE Bylaws; IEEE Policies; MGA Operations Manual
  • Chair meetings
  • Work with ExCom, Committee, Chapter and Affinity Group Chairs to support activities
  • Represent Section at Region meetings
  • Am a signer on bank account
Section Vice Chair:
  • Chair meetings in absence of Chair
  • Am familiar with the policies relating to the activity of the Section and subunits, including IEEE Bylaws, IEEE Policies, MGA Operations Manual
  • Assume additional authority or activity as designated by Chair
Section Treasurer:
  • Prepare the annual budget
  • Record all financial activity
  • Reconcile bank statements/activity
  • Report status of unit’s finances to the Section ExCom on a regular basis
  • Prepare and submit Annual Financial Report (L-50)
  • Signer on bank account
Section Secretary:
  • Record minutes of ExCom and other Section meetings
  • Handle correspondence
  • Distribute meeting notices
  • Maintain Section records
  • Submit officer and meeting reporting, including officer changes during the year, to IEEE Operations Center
Administrative Chair:
  • Dallas Section weekly email & calendar updates
  • Dallas website advertisements/job notices
  • Respond to requests from groups outside IEEE, forwarding to appropriate Dallas Section volunteer as required
Past Chair:
  • Provide guidance, recommendations
Membership Coordinator:
  • Welcome new Section Members
  • Coordinate membership exhibits for local meetings and conferences, job fairs, etc.
  • Senior Membership Upgrade Events
  • Identify membership problems and opportunities
University Liaison:
  • Strengthen partnership between student members, student branches and chapters in the Dallas Section
  • Provide support and resources for success of student members and student branches
  • Encourage student members to involve themselves in various IEEE activities including technical and professional development
Member at Large/Awards and Recognition:
  • Special projects related to Section Key Initiatives
  • Assist new Chapters/new Chapter leaders
  • Assist with Section Award & Recognition programs
Member at Large/Inter-chapter coordination:
  • Special projects related to Section Key Initiatives
  • Facilitate collaboration between chapters