Speaker List

List of  speakers

  • Consultants Networks Speakers List ( http://www.ieeedallascn.org/about/past-events/)
  • Skip Cave, Cave Consulting LLC  (skip@caveconsulting.com)
  • Orlando Auciello, UT-Dallas (orlando.auciello@utdallas.edu
    • Science and Technology of multifunctional oxide and a novel ultrananocrystalline diamond (UNCD) film
    • Biomedical devices
  • Charles Sobey, Channel Science  (csobey@channelscience.com)
    • Technology advances of non-volatile memory. In particular: Flash, 3D NAND, and spin transfer torque memories.
  • Tiejun (TJ) Xia, PhD (tiejunxia@yahoo.com, 214-563-2619)
  • Background: Have more than 80 US patents, tens of years global telecom service provider experience
    • Innovation methods, Optical communications
  • Ashvin Chheda, ChFC, CLU – President of Opes One Advisors; “7 Obstacles to Financial Security”; ashvin_chheda@opesone.com
  • Orlando Auciello, Ph.D. – Professor and Endowed Chair at UT Dallas; oha120030@utdallas.edu
  •  Robert Wallace, Ph.D. – Professor and Distinguished Chair at UT Dallas; rmwallace@utdallas.edu
  •  Deep C. Dumka, Ph.D., MBA – Manager of Research Engineering, IDP at Qorvo; deep.dumka@qorvo.com
  • Skip Cave, Cave Consulting LLC  (Cloud based Computing)
  • Orlando Auciello, UT-Dallas  (Biomedical Devices)
  • Charles Sobey ( non-volatile memory – Flash, 3D NAND, spin transfer torque memories)
  • Tiejun (TJ) Xia, PhD (Innovation methods, Optical communications)

For details please contact Snehamay Sinha (snehamay (at) ti.com)