BEST robotics is kicking off the 2015 junior and senior high school competition:  PayDirt!, in the next several weeks across the metroplex. Teams from Dallas, Collin County, Ft Worth, and nearby will all be going head-to-head to see who can design the best robot to play this year’s game.
Mentors are needed to help teams go through the 6 week design/build/test process. No mentoring or engineering experience is required—the students do all of the work; mentor training provided. Season lasts only 6 weeks, from September through October (schedules vary).
Dallas BEST ( www.dallas-best.org) contact is Bill Rock  w-rock1@raytheon.com or Jon Spangler  972-344-8057  j-spangler@raytheon.com
Collin County (CoCo BEST,  www.cocobest.net) contact is Janne Ackerman, 972.867.8712, janne.ackerman@bestinc.org;
Ft Worth (Cowtown BEST,  www.cowtownbest.org) contact is David Kwast, cowtown@bestinc.org
For more info, contact Jon or Bill, or see the National BEST web site at www.bestinc.org

We will be offering a combined information and training session for any interested potential volunteers. Attending the training session is voluntary and does not obligate you to be a mentor. The New Mentor Information session will be held from 5:30-7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 8, in Conference Room 4 at the Dallas Texins Activity Center on North Campus (TI Expressway site). If you are interested but cannot attend in person, we have set up a WebEx on-line session that will allow to you see the presentation and participate in a conference call during the session.

Details to join are: Click to join: https://ti.webex.co/ti/j.php?MTID=m05ddaafd1212c26f413d33853cf47bfd

Alternatively, you can join by going to http://ti.webex.com and entering the meeting number 752 209 779; no passcode needed for WebEx access.

Teleconference: local access: 972-995-7777 or toll free: 877-561-6828; Teleconference passcode: 30069759