Women in Engineering (WIE)


New Links from WIE Headquarters:

  • The group has welcomed and supported women in the field

IEEE Women in Engineering Committee Celebrates 20 Years

  • Meet three Fellows who have helped boost the number of women in the profession

IEEE Fellows Champion the Cause of Women Engineers

  • Nominate outstanding WIE members, groups, or student branches

Call for Nominations: 2014 Women in Engineering Awards

Upcoming Events:

Mark your calendar for the future dates of the IEEE Women in Engineering Online Live Chats Series which are accessed from the WIE facebook page   


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IEEE WIE Resources:

You can download this app which will show you why other women have chosen engineering and what value they have received from their careers.

Learn more about WIE, its scope, mission and organization.

Did you know that one of the benefits of IEEE membership is being able to participate as a mentor or mentee?

Resources for Students

Video on challenges facing engineering students from a former football player and his daughter.

Google science fair winner Lauren Hodge and how she came to enjoy science.

This is a great video to show girls so they can get past the misconceptions of what engineers do and inspire them to become engineers.

This newsletter is filled with great stories about women in engineering and keeps you up to date on IEEE activities with Women in engineering. 


Be sure to read the award winning Women in Engineering magazine. It has many interesting articles of interest to engineers, women in engineering and students considering careers in engineering.

Come on, you know you like us!!!! Check out the Women in Engineering Facebook page and read all the discussions.

Has a great info graphic on what girls experience in education.

American Association of University Women has several presentations with fascinating research. In an era when women are increasingly prominent in medicine, law and business, why are there so few women scientists and engineers? A new research report by AAUW presents compelling evidence that can help to explain this puzzle. Why So Few? Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics presents in-depth yet accessible profiles of eight key research findings that point to environmental and social barriers – including stereotypes, gender bias and the climate of science and engineering departments in colleges and universities – that continue to block women’s participation and progress in science, technology, engineering, and math.

A fascinating visual on the contributions that women make in scholarly journals.

Another great infographic on the contribution of women in technology.

In the News:

Brains and Beauty, Too!:  4 Ga. Tech women (Engineers!) competing for Miss Georgia Crown

Cheri Warren, IEEE Senior member and member of the IEEE Power and Energy Society and IEEE WIE, discusses her career in electrical engineering, how women can succeed in the energy business, and her involvement with IEEE.


A 17 year old female coder won a hackathon with her twitter screening app.

Former WIE Chair discusses the impact of H1B visas on women in STEM fields

Forget Mars and Venus

Article in the March 25, 2012 Dallas Morning News interviewing Rosalind Barnett. She says there are no gender differences in learning math and science.

UT Dallas Strives to Encourage, Support Female STEM Students

UT Dallas is doing its part to encourage more female students to enter science, technology, engineering and math programs.