Calling High Voltage Labs!

Dielectrics and High Voltage Research Laboratories

DEIS is collecting the names and weblinks of dielectrics and high voltage research laboratories, which will be posted on the DEIS website. If your laboratory should be included in this list, please provide the laboratory name, country, and weblink and e-mail it to  frank.hegeler(at)



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  1. James Cross says:

    Dielectric materials testing to 350 kV, 60 Hz. (inculding partial discharge detection) and impulse (lightning, chop, switching surge) to 900 kV.
    Breakdown and PD Testing in air and mineral oil/fluids to 150 C.
    Low voltage tests include Dissipation Factor; Volume/Surface Resistivity; Dielctric Constant at multiple temperatures.
    Specialized materials aging testing.

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