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Following are IEEE DEIS Conferences with links to the specific conference sites and local meeting notices. Directly sponsored IEEE DEIS will be noted with the DEIS logo in which a DEIS member discount will apply.

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DEIS Fully Sponsored Conferences

DEIS sponsors a series of international conferences to provide a forum for members and non-members to participate and share research results, new developments, and practical experience in the Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation fields. Some conferences are held annually, while others are bi-annual or even every 3 years. The following is a listing of these events with a description, frequency, and next venue. Be sure to mark your calendars for the events of interest to you and look for announcements from the organizing committees. An up-to-date listing of conferences is also available at the DEIS website:

(EIC) Electrical Insulation Conference: Annual applied conference on liquid, solid and gaseous materials based in the Americas. Every other year there are Exhibitors at this conference. The papers present practical applications of electrical insulating systems and materials and diagnostics, for all types of electrical and electronic equipment.

Some topics of interest have included: Rotating machines , Variable speed drives, Transformers, Cables, Outdoor insulation (including live line work), Aerospace, Switchgear (including arresters), and Capacitors.

  • June 7-10, 2015: Renaissance Seattle, Seattle, WA, Conference Chair: Paul Lewin, University of Southampton,
  • June 2016: Montreal, Canada; Conference Chair: Bernard Noirhomme, IREQ,

(ICPADM) International Conference on the Properties and Applications of Dielectric Materials. ICPADM is a conference combining research and application practice in dielectrics covering the general areas of electrical insulation in power equipment and cables, outdoor insulators and bushings, monitoring and diagnosis of insulation degradation, insulation for HVDC systems, ageing and life expectancy of insulation, dielectric phenomena and applications, partial discharges, electrical and water treeing and surface tracking, electrical conduction and breakdown in dielectrics, surface and interfacial phenomena, nano-technology and nano-dielectrics, space charge and its effects, new and functional dielectrics, dielectric materials for electronics and photonics, eco-friendly dielectrics, bio-dielectrics, dielectrics for superconducting applications, new diagnostic applications.

(CEIDP) Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena: Annual research-oriented conference usually based in the Americas, providing an international forum for the discussion of current research on electrical insulation, dielectric phenomena and related topics. Some of the topics of interest include: biodielectrics, aging, high frequency dielectric phenomena, surface flashover and treeing, outdoor insulation, polarization phenomena.

  • October 17-22, 2015 – Sheraton, Ann Arbor, MI; Conference Chair: Huseyin Hiziroglu, Kettering University,
  • October 2016 – Toronto, Canada; Conference Chair: Greg Stone, Qualitrol-Iris Power,

(ICSD) International Conference on Solid Dielectrics: Research-oriented conference on solid dielectrics, based in Europe every three years. Topics of interest include conduction, polarization, and breakdown; space charge and related effects; aging, degradation, and failure; materials and insulation systems; multi-functional materials; applications of THz spectroscopy; and composite insulation systems.

  • Next conference will be held in June/July 2016 in Montpellier, France. Conference Chair: Jerome Castellon, University of Montpellier,

(IPMHVC) International Power Modulator and High Voltage Conference: Applied and research-oriented conference on repetitive pulsed power, power modulator, and pertaining to high voltage theory, components, diagnostics, subsystems. Based in the Americas every two years. Some specific topics include: Power Conditioning and Pulse Shaping, High Energy Systems, Energy Storage Devices and Components, Rotating Machines and Energy Converters, High Voltage Testing and Diagnostics, High Rep-Rate Systems and Thermal Management, High Voltage Design and Analysis, High Power Microwaves, Radiating Structures, and Electromagnetic Propagation, Prime Power and Power Systems

(ICDL) International Conference on Dielectric Liquids: Research-oriented conference on dielectric liquids, based in Europe every three years. Examples of relevant topics are: Basic properties (ionization, conductivity, interfacial effects, space charge), Modeling and theory, Prebreakdown and breakdown phenomena, Biophysics and related phenomena (aqueous liquids), Radiation induced processes, detectors and application, Measuring techniques (material characterization, diagnostics), Materials (insulation, molten polymers, water, liquid crystals, new liquids, emulsions etc.), Electro-hydrodynamics (charge-induced flow, electrocoalescence, electrorheology, Applications (electrical insulation, static electrification, EHD pumps).

  • Next conference will be held in 2017 in Manchester, UK. Conference Chair: Dr. Zhongdong Wang,

(ISE) International Symposium on Electrets: Research-oriented conference on electret materials held anywhere in the world every three years. Some topics of interest include: Charge injection, transport & trapping; Thermally stimulated current & dielectric relaxation; Nanoscale measurements of electrostatic phenomena; Ferroelectric, piezoelectric & pyroelectric phenomena; Ferroelectret & photoelectret; Electrostatic & dielectric phenomena in life science: bioelectret; Non-linear electrical & optical effects; Application of thin film ferroelectric; Electrets in organic electronics; Soft actuators & sensors.

  • Next conference (ISE16) will be held in 2017 in France. Conference Chair: Michael Wubbenhorst,
  • ISE17 will be held at Limerick, Ireland in 2019. Conference Chair: Syed Tofail,

Technically Sponsored Conferences

These are conferences in which the IEEE DEIS participates. The papers meeting IEEE standards may be available via IEEE Xplore.

(CATCON) December 2015: International Conference on Condition Assessment Techniques in Electrical Systems. Bangalore, India; Conference Chair: Sivaji Chakravorti, Jadavpur University;

(ICHVE) September 2016: International Conference on High Voltage Engineering and Application. Chongqing, China; Conference Chair: Jian Li, Chongqing University,

Other Related Conferences

September 6-11, 2015 – CIGRE Study Committee A1 “Rotating Electrical Machines”, Madrid, Spain. Website:

Other Related Conferences

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