GOLD Members

Dear IEEE DEIS GOLD members,

I am Dr Antonios Tzimas the IEEE DEIS GOLD Membership chair. I am writing to you to introduce myself and provide you with some GOLD information. The term “GOLD” stands for “Graduates Of the Last Decade”. Thus, you are IEEE GOLD members for 10 years after the graduation of your first degree. The GOLD program has been established to provide the framework and tools for the sections’ use in retaining recent graduates, and to help students transition to young professionals. IEEE young professionals are automatically added to the GOLD member community as they graduate. So a big welcome to those of you who have recently made the transition to the GOLD member community.

A wide variety of benefits and opportunities are available to IEEE GOLD members, to help you grow professionally, enhance technical knowledge, and become involved in community. For further details check the following link:

IEEE – Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) ( )

Graduate students don’t forget to apply for the annual DEIS Graduate Student Fellowship, an award of up-to $5000. DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING PROPOSALS: Usually September 30 every year.

For updates regarding events and activities of the DEIS community can be found at the societies website:


Also, you can follow the GOLD Blog ( ) on this site!

IEEE DEIS Conferences for 2013:

Electrical Insulation Conference EIC ( ) June 2-5, 2013 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

International Conference on Solid Dielectrics – ICSD ( ) June 30 – July 4, 2013:  Bologna, Italy.

Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena – CEIDP ( ) October 20-23  2013 SHENZHEN, China

More information of the DEIS conferences can be found here ( ).

I am looking forward to meet you during DEIS sponsored conferences.

Best wishes,


PS For the latest GOLDRush newsletter, click here ( ).


Dr. Antonios Tzimas

IEEE DEIS GOLD Membership chair