October 2nd, 2014

Call for Nominations

2015 Eric O. Forster Distinguished Service Award

Every two years the IEEE DEIS selects an individual in recognition of sustained leadership, support, and contributions to the advancement of the field of electrical insulation. This award, which was first given in 1992, is named in honor of the late Eric O. Forster, for his distinguished service on behalf of DEIS. The award is restricted to DEIS members. It is made biennially, generally at the Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena, although the recipient has the prerogative of requesting that the award be made at an alternative DEIS-sponsored event.

The DEIS seeks nominations for the 2015 Eric O. Forster Award. Nominations can be submitted via e-mail or regular mail to the chairman of the Awards Committee, Clive W. Reed, by March 15, 2015. The nominator should clearly outline the contributions made by the nominee to the DEIS. The nominator should also supply the nominee’s CV and the written support for the nomination of at least two DEIS members. Documentation should be sent to: 

Clive W. Reed

116 Woodhaven Drive

Scotia, New York 12302, USA

Tel. +1 518-399-0414



Past Recipients of DEIS Distinguished Service Award

1979    Joseph Perkins

1981   Ken Mathes

1983   Eric Forster

1985   Emanuel Brancato

1987   Arend van Roggen

1988   John Tanaka

1989   Phil Alexander

1990   Scott Hurley, Jr.

1991   Edward Boulter

In 1992 the award was renamed the

Award Eric O. Forster Distinguished Service Award.

1992   Frank Campbell

1993   Gregory Stone

1994   Ronald Sampson

1995   Tor Orbeck

1996   Alan Cookson

1997   Sachio Yasafuku

1998   Keith Nelson

1999   Clive Reed

2000   Rueben Hackam

2001   Aime S. DeReggi

2002   Yoshimichi Ohki

In 2003 it was decided to give the award every two years. No award was given in 2003.

2005   John J. Shea

2007   Alexander Bulinski

2009   John Berberian

2011   Robert Hebner

2013   William McDermid

August 5th, 2014


Special Issue on Insulation of Rotating Machines

We are pleased to announce that the December 2015 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation (TDEI) will be devoted to Insulation of Rotating Machines.

Prospective authors wishing to have their papers considered for publication in this issue should submit their manuscripts to the Guest Editor at the IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation website ( Instructions for preparation of manuscripts and a template are available at the website.

The following non-exclusive list of topics may serve as a guideline for prospective authors:
• Insulation systems of stator windings and rotor windings of generators
• Insulation systems of motor windings
• Application of Class F (155oC) and Class H (180oC) materials
• Thermal endurance of insulating materials
• High voltage insulating materials
• Low voltage machine insulation
• Application of nanomaterials
• Effect of drive systems on stress control systems, on partial discharge, on life of enamelled wire
• Accelerated aging tests: thermal cycling, voltage endurance and associated diagnostics
• Tests on the turn insulation of multi-turn stator coils
• Inspection methods for installed windings
• Dielectric response measurements on insulation systems (polarization, depolarization, effects of temperature, humidity)
• High direct-voltage tests on stator windings: ramp tests, step-voltage tests
• Surface discharges: vibration sparking & slot discharge, effect of temperature, ozone production, detection methods
• Partial discharges: correlation of PD characteristics with defects
• End of life predictions: correlation of diagnostics to actual conditions

The deadline for the submission of the manuscripts is 31 January 2015.

The Guest Editor for this issue is:

William McDermid
Manitoba Hydro
1510 Chevrier Boulevard
Winnipeg, MB Canada R3T 1Y6

Further questions concerning the special issue should be directed to the Guest Editor.

June 5th, 2014

The 2014 Electrical Insulation Conference to be held in Philadelphia from June 8-11, 2014 has posted the final conference program:

April 28th, 2014

Essay competition for IEEE Young Professionals and Student Members

student chalkboard

To take part, write a 1000-word essay on a recently published IEEE Explore paper which you have read, explaining its relevance to your work. The authors of the paper must not be affiliated with your institution. In your essay expand on the following points:

  1.     1. The reasons why the paper was selected
  2.     2. Its impact on your work
  3.     3. Your work versus the work presented in the paper
  4.     4. The influence which the paper has had on your thinking and your ideas for future work.

Please note that equations, references, tables and diagrams should NOT be included in the essay. The winning essay will be published on the DEIS website and in the IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine. The essays of the two runners-up will also be published on the DEIS website. The winning candidate and the two runners up will each receive a certificate from DEIS carrying her/his name, affiliation and the title of the essay, and an Amazon voucher. The values of the vouchers will be $150 for the winner, and $100 for each runner-up. For more details click here.

Important dates

Submission deadline via the DEIS website:                    31 October 2014

Announcement of results on the DEIS website:                12 January 2015

Publication of the winning essays by:                                  1 May 2015

Announcement by: Antonios Tzimas- Chair of IEEE DEIS Young Professionals Membership

Andrea Cavalini – Chair of the IEEE DEIS Education Committee

Submit Via DropBox

March 30th, 2014


Special Issue of the

IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation on

Power Modulators and Repetitive Pulsed Power 

We are pleased to announce that the August 2015 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation (TDEI) will be a special issue on Power Modulators, Repetitive Pulsed Power and High Voltage topics. This issue is open to all authors; presenters of papers at the IEEE International Power Modulator and High Voltage Conference (2014 IPMHVC) are especially encouraged to submit their work to this special issue. Topics include, but are not restricted to:

  • Repetitive Pulsed Power for Research and Applications
  • Power Conditioning and Pulse Shaping, Power Electronics and Prime Power Systems
  • Compact Pulsed Power Systems
  • Plasma Opening and Closing Switches, Solid State Modulators and Switches
  • Dielectric Breakdown, High Voltage Components and Energy Storage
  • High Voltage Design, Testing and Analysis
  • High Power Microwaves, Radiating Structures, HF Techniques
  • Lasers, Accelerators, Electromagnetic Launchers and High Energy Systems

In accordance with IEEE policy, papers that have been published in any conference proceedings cannot be republished. A plagiarism tool will be used to verify originality. Therefore, authors of the 2014 IPMHVC proceedings are strongly advised to significantly expand and enhance their conference paper versions prior to submission to this Special Issue of the IEEE TDEI.

Authors are invited to submit their papers to the Guest Editors of the Special Issue no later than September 30, 2014, at the TDEI website ( in accordance with the template. Instructions for preparation of manuscripts and a template are available at the website. The TDEI template may be obtained from

Submissions should be marked during the submission process as special issue contributions by selecting in the submission form the “Guest Editor” link and choosing the guest editor for this issue. Questions regarding the Special Issue on Power Modulators and Repetitive Pulsed Power can be addressed to the Guest Editors:

Dr. Frank Hegeler

Naval Research Laboratory / CTI

Code 6730

4555 Overlook Ave., SW

Washington, DC 20375


Tel: (202) 404-4440

Fax: (202) 767-0046


March 27th, 2014



AdCom manages the affairs of the IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society (DEIS). It is made up of 18 members-at-large, plus ex-officio members.

Nominations And Appointment Committee is inviting nomination for President, Administrative Vice President, and Technical Vice President and 6 AdCom Members-at-Large of DEIS.

Persons nominated must be IEEE-DEIS members in good standing. Traditionally, AdCom has maintained a balance in representation between the industrial and academic communities.

Members-at-Large of AdCom:  Each year 6 members-at-large are elected to serve a 3-year term on the DEIS AdCom. No member-at-large can serve more than two consecutive terms. The 6 Members-at-Large who will begin their service in 2015 will be elected by the membership of the Society by electronic or postal ballot conducted by IEEE staff. Persons elected or appointed will begin their service as of 1 January 2015.

The deadline for the Members-at-Large nominations is 28 May 2014.

Officers:  President, Administrative Vice President, and Technical Vice President are the Officers of the society and serve a 1-year term and are eligible to serve for a second term. The Officers for 2014 will be appointed by AdCom at its meeting in the autumn of 2014.

The deadline for nominations for the Officers is 31 August 2014.

Each nominee will be contacted by the Nominations & Appointments Committee and will be asked to submit information relevant to the election and appointment process.  Self-nominations are also permitted.

The following information is needed for each person nominated.

Name (Last, First):

Position held / Institution name:

DEIS position being nominated for:

Phone number:

e-mail address:


Please send your nominations by the deadline to:

Masoud Farzaneh,

Chair, DEIS Nominations & Appointments Committee

For information on the process see the DEIS Operations Manual at


March 27th, 2014

Volunteers needed for IEEE Awards

The IEEE Awards Board seeks new volunteers to serve on its award selection committees and Awards Board standing committees to assist with managing the recipient nomination and selection process for IEEE Medals, Technical Field Awards, and Recognitions, the highest awards IEEE presents on behalf of the IEEE Board of Directors.

To apply to serve on an award selection committee or as a member of one of the following Awards Board’s (AB) committees, visit the IEEE Awards Board Nominations and Appointments Web page.

-          AB Awards Review Committee

-          AB Planning and Policy Committee

-          AB Finance Committee

-          AB Presentation and Publicity Committee

-          AB Joint Awards with National Societies Committee

-          Medals Council

-          Technical Field Awards Council

-          Recognitions Council



March 27th, 2014

Call for Nominations: IEEE Medals and Recognition

Nominations are due 1 July 2014 for the 2015 IEEE Medals and Recognitions.  IEEE Medals are the highest recognition within the IEEE awards hierarchy, with the prestigious IEEE Medal of Honor as the premier award.  IEEE Medals embrace broad and significant contributions within the technical fields of interest of IEEE.

IEEE Recognitions reward member’s individual contributions to IEEE, published papers, and corporate advancements within the IEEE fields of interest.

Recipients are recognized at the formal IEEE Honors Ceremony.  All IEEE members are encouraged to submit a nomination for a worthy candidate within their technical fields.

For more information visit or email



March 2nd, 2014

IEEE Electrical Insulation Conference Authors announcement: the date for submission of papers has been extended to March 12, 2014.

Please go to for more information!

February 25th, 2014

2014 Thomas W Dakin Distinguished Technical
Contributions Award

Recipient: Prof. John Fothergill

John Fothergill Portrait HR

City University London, UK

John will receive the Dakin Award at the 2014 EIC, Philadelphia, PA, June 8-11,