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    The Computer Society's Denver Section aims to leverage the parent society's resources to further the growth of the Computer, Information Technology and related professions in the Greater Denver area.


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    We are currently working on a framework for regular meetings. Suggest topics! Present and participate.

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Position Name E-mail address
IEEE Denver Computer Society Officers
 Chair  James Gowans
 Vice Chair  Amit Gupta
 Secretary  NEEDED!  Please contact us
 Treasurer  Simeon Blatchley
 Vice Treasurer  Brian Nelson
Student members and young leaders wishing to learn
 Chair, Regents  Hussien Hassen
 Chair, Colorado School of Mines  Alexi Drgac
 Chair, <your school>  NEEDED!  Please contact us
Outreach and Engagement
 Educational Activities Officer  NEEDED   Please contact us
 Journalist  NEEDED   Please contact us
 Administrator  Darshak Thakore
 Administrator  Brian Nelson
 Editor  Louis Romero
 Advisor  Tim Weil

3 March 2018
Computer Society Chair
IEEE Region 5, Denver Computer Society

Computer Society,

We as IEEE and Computer Society members are computing professionals, students, and leaders that have become interested enough to develop our expertise in the science and computation of information. We are an engineering society that desires to advance computer sciences, as well as the advancement of people and the future of engineering and science. The computer Society’s aim is also to advance our profession and maintain a higher level of quality. We have joined the IEEE and the computer society because we seek a higher level of expertise and for most of us; we also hope to pass that expertise on to our future generations. Chapter meetings are a perfect venue for our members to mentor and maintain their current skills and to pass expertise on to our future engineers.

However, we need more than ideals and talk to have a Computer Society. We must be active, and in order for our chapter to be considered “active,” we need expert members, meetings, volunteerism, presentations, leaders, and overall participation and support. We need your support, participation, ideas, and help! If you are interested in volunteering, teaching, mentoring, attending our presentations and conferences, or just simply joining our team for a coffee or a dinner. At the Computer Society, you are always welcome.

The Computer Society is getting stronger! We have filled many Computer Society officer positions but we still have several important positions that need your attention. Please check our website’s home page ( for a listing and contact information for our current and needed officers. If interested we could use your support in several ways, so if you have ideas or ways to make our Chapter stand out and expand, I would love to hear them.

I have summarized our status, needs, and upcoming events below:

  • We have a special call to help, mentor, and tutor young engineers 5th to 11th grades in Denver public schools.
    • Contact: Laura Kent, Academic Mentors Program Manager Community Resources, Inc. Office hrs (M-Th). Contact her at 720.424.6554 or
  • We are in need of a Vice Treasurer for the Denver section of the Computer Society chapter. The Vice Treasurer will
    • Act in a supporting and backup role for the Treasurer
    • Learn to work as a future Treasurer or other executive committee officer
    • Record and track chapter finances
    • Assist with end-of-year funding reports
    • Help to plan and acquire funding for event activities

We also have the following longer term and ongoing objectives.

  1. We are in need of an “Educational Activities Officer”
    1. This Computer Society officer will work with our IEEE USA, Computer Society USA, and IEEE R5 Section educational activities officers, and our members, to help elementary to college age students realize their potential.
    2. This position will focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) but generally inform and lead our members toward helping people that want to become engineers and computer scientists.
    3. General qualifications are membership and a desire to help.
  2. We are in need of a “Journalist/Writer/Photographer
    1. This Officer will help to write for our Computer Society and photograph our events.
    2. Developed information will be published in the IEEE and Computer Societies USA, but mostly for our IEEE R5 Section “newsletter” and for our website.
    3. General qualifications are being able to write well, having a camera, and a desire to help.
    4. Reference “Mile High Spark” at
    5. A page here and a paragraph there, with a few good photos, could make you a hero!
  3. We are in need of student liaison members, or “Student Chairs.”
    1. These people should be students. Their job is to inform their general student body of their school and teachers of IEEE and Computer Society meetings and events, and to make sure that all students know they are invited.
    2. There are no additional responsibilities besides following along with our officer development emails and direction.
    3. If the student has time and is willing, they are welcome to help in areas as long as it does not interfere with their studies.
    4. Student officers are invited to officer meetings.
  4. We need members that are participating in member events. This may not seem to be such a leadership event, but I think it is. Members that have completed education, worked in industry, and have knowledge of job markets are very important to our younger generations. Mentoring and advising other members is one of the most important foundations of the IEEE and the Computer society.
  5. We need members that are participating in developing presentations and talks for our meetings. We may feel that “we do not have any knowledge work spreading”—again, I disagree. We all have knowledge and experience that is simple to ourselves, after 10 or 40 years of work. Nevertheless, to others it is a complete unknown. The Computer Society body of knowledge is so broad and deep that I am sure many of our members have no idea of your expertise.
  6. We have an IEEE- and Computer Society-sponsored Symposium that may use or volunteers or representation (April in Boulder).
    1. FCCM 2018, The 26th IEEE International Symposium on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines, April 29 – May 1, Boulder, CO, USA.
    2. The General Chair is Graham Schelle at
    3. IEEE members will receive a discounted registration.
  7. Our next scheduled meeting / presentation is for 12 April 2018.
    1. We are still researching a guest speaker for our presentation.
    2. The location is University of Denver, Richie Building room 410. 410 is a very nice meeting room.
      1. Iliff Street about 300 meters west of University Blvd., on the South side of Iliff behind the pond.
      2. Note many people have had problems finding the building with their phone’s GPS, as the building is new. I found Richie by asking a student.
    3. If you have ideas for a guest speaker or if you would like to present at a future meeting please contact any of the following:
      • James Gowans, Chair –
      • Amit Gupta, Vice Chair –
      • Brian Nelson, Secretary –
  8. We are in the works of having a distinguished lecturer coming to our meeting in October or September.

Remember, IEEE is “the world’s largest technical professional organization for the advancement of technology,” but it is only as good as its members’ participation. You can help by becoming active in your local Denver IEEE Computer Society’s chapter.


Thank you!


James Gowans
IEEE Denver, Computer Society Chair