Announcing Our Volunteer of Months for First Quarter 2015

At the Beginning of the year we started a very special program to recognize our volunteers with tangible benefits. So here are the announcements, for First Quarter of 2015, we have released our Best Volunteers for Each Month,

Volunteer of The Month for January 2015


Gitansh Anand 

Gitansh is a soon to be graduate student at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. Gitansh has been a tremendous community organizer for us. Helped to build next breed of extraordinary technical communities and a purpose driven community for Education Society Student Activities Committee. We acknowledge Gitansh’s contribution by recognizing him as  our very first Volunteer of the Month.

 2015-05-14 15_50_30-01-2015 Gitansh Anand.pdf - Adobe Reader

February 2015


Vamsi j Krishna

Vamsi has been a great asset for our community for nearly two years. In this years he is also putting his mark with vibrant presence by organizing team and helping EdSocsac to achieve its bigger aspirations.  This token is very mere in comparison with Vamsi’s contribution to the community.  Vamsi is a final Year Engineering Student at Vignana Bharathi Institute Of Technology.

2015-05-14 15_51_39-02-2015 Vamsi Krishna.pdf - Adobe Reader

March 2015


Yashwanth Siripragada

 Yashwanth is a latest edition in the community from late 2014. He has been helping the community in IT team by developing D2S site( and this site, creating digital materials and so on. He has currently an undergrad student in Vignana Bharathi Institute Of Technology.

2015-05-14 15_52_06-03-2015 Yashwanth Siripragada.pdf - Adobe Reader

This awards are not only to limited to these certificates, we will send some special tokens too to recognize your vibrancy.

Our Chair for 2014-2015  also been praised by Education Society Board to his newly innovated initiatives by Education Society Student Activities Committee.

2015-05-14 15_54_47-Shihab Uddin.PDF - Adobe Reader

Love to work for Technical Communities, Bring Positive changes and Be a part of greater initiatives ? Join us, mail us with your short bio and what you want to do for our community , we have some teams but we are not limited to this only, always looking for newer and better ones.



Edsoc SAC Version 2.0

Collaborators: Gitansh Anand & Vamsi J Krishna

Volunteers Team Lead: Piyush Malviya

IT Team: Nestor J Bonilla, Mustafa Doga dogar, Yashwanth Siripragada 

Social Media Team:  Sourabh Kumar, John Benedict

D2S team: Risat Abedin, Nazuk Behsin, Jibin Sabu
New Initiatives: Nida Sahar, Usman Munawar, Upasana Sharma
Designer: Balu B Raj

Students Activity Committee