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  1. Hello,

    Greetings from askIITians,

    Please accept out heartiest appreciation for the success of your content space. We, as a team, are really excited to contribute in the form of articles. We strongly believe that through your platform we will be able to reach out to a wider audience.

    We, at askIITians, bear expertise of having an analytically strong workforce comprising of ex-IITians. We create and share information pieces which cover entire life-cycle of a competitive exam, e.g., exam information, student-life stories, paper analysis, study and revision strategies, and many other relevant categories.

    We have our own blog space that goes by the name of blog.askiitians.com. Here please find some of our articles that were really appreciated by our readers:

    Cheated at IIT JEE to be an IITian; got a lucky break!
    The Back Bencher’s Tip to learn the Periodic Table
    The Undisputed—To Find the Real Truth behind IITs and BITS Disputed Dominance
    15 Tips to Cheat at MCQs in IIT JEE: Guessing Your Way to the IITs
    Love Does Not Happen Twice—The Love Story of Two IITians

    We would love to have your reply on this.

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    Looking for a positive response.

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