2018 Key Note Speaker: Ken Gregory, Ba.A.Sc.

Ken graduated Mechanical Engineering at the University of British Columbia in 1978. He worked for Schlumberger in wireline logging in Dawson Creek BC, Offshore Newfoundland, Beaufort Sea NWT, and WhiteCourt Alberta from 1978 – 82. Ken worked for Dome Petroleum and Amoco from 1982 to 1995, Sceptre Resources in 1996, and for GLJ Petroleum Consultants 1996 – 2012 as Manager, Engineering.

Ken joined the Friends of Science Society in 2005. He became a director of the society, webmaster in 2009, and president of the Friends of Science Society in June 2017. He writes the Climate Science newsletter which is sent to members twice per month, and the President’s Message and Science News sections of its quarterly newsletter. Both are available on the Friends of Science Society website.

Presentation abstract:
This discussion will be about climate change, climate policy, the Alberta climate plan and the economic impact of greenhouse gas emissions on Canada and the world.  There will be a review of the empirical estimates of the climate sensitivity to CO2, the discrepancies between measurements and climate models’ simulations, and the economic impacts of bad climate policies.