Opportunity to Participate as a Sponsor

We invite you to consider becoming a sponsor for one of our meals, refreshment breaks and other activities, that occur in conjunction with workshop sessions, or non-specific donations. Commercialism and advertisement during the technical sessions of the Workshop is strictly controlled. As a sponsor you have exclusive rights to a reasonable amount of advertising such as screen time in the main auditorium, signs in the break area and the opportunity for prize raffles during the meal or break that you are sponsoring. For opportunities and details about being a sponsor contact Don Wilson.

Sponsorship opportunities:

Available Advertising Cards
Available Presenters Gifts
Available Sunday Meet & Greet Social (1/2)
Available Sunday Meet & Greet Social (2/2)
Available USB Stick Production
Available Audio Visual
Available Breakfast Monday
Available Authors Breakfast Monday
Available Refreshments Monday AM (1/2)
Available Refreshments Monday AM (2/2)
Available Lunch Monday (1/3)
Available Lunch Monday (2/3)
Available Lunch Monday (3/3)
Available Refreshments Monday PM (1/2)
Available Refreshments Monday PM (2/2)
Available Breakfast Tuesday
Available Authors Breakfast Tuesday (1/2)
Available Authors Breakfast Tuesday (2/2)
Available Refreshments Tuesday AM
Available Refreshments Tuesday PM (1/2)
Available Refreshments Tuesday PM (2/2)
Available Lunch Tuesday (1/3)
Available Lunch Tuesday (2/3)
Available Lunch Tuesday (3/3)
Available Breakfast Wednesday
Available Authors Breakfast Wednesday
Available Tutorial Lunch Wednesday
Available Refreshments Wednesday Tutorial
Available Attendee Registration List (1/2)
Available Attendee Registration List (2/2)
Available Committee Appreciation Gifts
Available Lanyards
Available Early Attendee Registration Gift