IEEE Estonia


IEEEXtreme 8.0 2014

From Estonia the highest number of teams so far are participating:

  • six from Tallinn University of Technology (TUT),
  • five from University of Tartu (UT), and
  • two from Estonian IT College.

Team names have each a story to tell: 8JavaStreet, BadHash, BSOD, coderage, Edukus, here4food, Meld, MTM, Nikitiis, Raaliroimarid, Smaces, VariableMoods, WeAreHappy.
As 18 hours of total 24 has passed, theĀ  highest position of one of UT team (Raaliroimarid) has been in top 20!
All together there were 1860 teams registered around the globe.

More details:, also in FB: IEEEXtreme, IEEE Estonia (pictures), etc.

Final rank of Raaliroimarid is 22th!
MTM 115, Nikitiis 154, Meld 155, here4food 160, coderage 169, BSOD 172, Edukus 210, BadHash 493, 8JavaStreet 569,
Smaces 576, VariableMoods 638, WeAreHappy 852.
All teams ranked safely inside the first half of all registered to competition teams.

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