Alexander Melhorn Biography

Alex has a Masters and Bachelors degree from the University of Tennessee and has been an active member in IEEE and IEEE-PES for over 10 and 5 years, respectively. He will finish his PhD with the Electricity Research Centre and Energy Institute at University College Dublin in Spring 2017.

He has worked and interned in various industry and research facilities including: Alcoa Power Generating Inc., Oak Ridge National Laboratory, EPRI and PSSTech.  Alex’s research interests include power system and distribution system modeling, probabilistic modeling methods, optimization techniques, renewable generation and controllable demand-side resources (e.g. electric vehicles, distributed generation, etc.)  His research has been published in both IEEE and IET, including one manuscript being selected as one of the best of the 2015 IEEE PES General Meeting.  He also has a love for fixing up old jeeps and is an avid cyclist.