The IEEE Experts in Technology and Policy (ETAP) Forum on Internet Governance, Cybersecurity and Privacy is a unique platform connecting technology developers and policy makers in a meaningful way.

The global industry needs sound Internet policy because it helps fuel Internet innovation, sustainability and market growth.

You are invited to this important IEEE ETAP Forum if you are:

A technology developer seeking a better understanding of the Internet public-policy landscape to help drive proactive technology design. The IEEE Internet Initiative brings technologists into Internet public-policy discussions, boosting their awareness of issues and processes and increasing their influence.

A policy expert seeking reliable technical guidance to make informed Internet public-policy decisions. IEEE is uniquely suited as a neutral, credible forum that can help ensure trustworthy technology solutions and best practices in Internet policymaking.

The IEEE Internet Initiative helps inform Internet policy with this unique ETAP Forum, by bringing together technology developers and policy makers to debate current and future Internet governance, cybersecurity and privacy issues that impact everyone on a global, national and local level.