Finnish Section Officers 2016-2017

Monday, October 15th, 2012


Toni Mattila

Invest in Finland

Vice Chair

Andrei Gurtov

Aalto University

Past Chair

Rafal Sliz

University of Oulu


Arttu Ollikkala

Inspecta Oy


Sarang Thombre

Finnish Geodetic Institute

YP Representative

Joonas Kokkoniemi

University of Oulu

Student Representative

Gaurav Khairkar

Aalto University


IEEE FS MEMBERS mailing list is mainly used to inform the members of IEEE Finland section of the current and topical events, and moderated discussion among members.

IEEE FS OFFICERS mailing list is designated for IEEE Finland officers’  internal communication.

IEEE FS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS mailing list is mainly used by Executive Committee members to exchange information and to solve internal affairs.

Importantly, none of the lists may be used for election campaign of any kind.

Mailing address:
Toni Mattila
Invest in Finland, Finpro Oy
Porkkalankatu 1
FI-00180 Helsinki