[Data Fusion Contest 2019] The contest is open!

Dear members of the IADF TC,

The 2019 edition of the Data Fusion Contest is now open ! And this year,
it deals with Large-Scale Semantic 3D Reconstruction.

The global objective is to reconstruct both a 3D geometric model and a
segmentation of semantic classes for urban scenes. The 2019 Data Fusion
Contest will consist of four parallel and independent competitions,
corresponding to four diverse tasks:
Track 1: Single-view Semantic 3D Challenge
Track 2: Pairwise Semantic Stereo Challenge
Track 3: Multi-view Semantic Stereo Challenge
Track 4: 3D Point Cloud Classification Challenge

Don’t miss the opportunity to get an unprecedented large-scale dataset!
Incidental satellite images, airborne lidar data, and semantic labels
are provided to the community. It covers around 20 sq. kms of urban
environments for a total amount of more than 320 GB data.

Join the competition and test your algorithms in the benchmark: for each
track, winners will gain scientific recognition through co-authoring
conference and journal papers and win a GPU!

Learn more on the Contest website:

Best wishes,

Bertrand, Naoto and Ronny

Co-organizing with Myron Brown and Greg Hager (JHU/APL) and Hakjae Kim

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