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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

What would education be like in 2050?

Let’s get this square from the beginning. Talking about 2050 is a nonsense if you try to make social prediction. It is fun, but it is not rooted in science. There are so many factors at play that we do not control. However, it might be useful to make some …

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A breakthrough in image digital sensors

Image digital sensors are now ubiquitous powering billions and billions of digital cameras, security cameras, video cameras… Over this 43 years since 1975 when the first digital camera was invented by the king of film photography -Kodak- enormous progress have been made. That first digital camera took 50ms to take …

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Self Flying Camera

There are quite a number of drones, in the market and in the air, that are carrying a digital camera for breathtaking photography and filming from the 3rd dimension. Actually, the success of drones can be tied mostly to their capability of carrying a camera and opening a new world …

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2Gbps on LTE (4G)

Marketing is hard at work to send the message that you can’t live without 1Gbps mobile connectivity, that is why 5G is really needed. As you are wondering if that is really the case Qualcomm has announced the availability of the Snapdragon X24 chip that can sustain 2Gbps on LTE …

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AI to beget AI

Artificial Intelligence has progressed enormously, partly through the creation of new algorithms, mostly by leveraging on processing power and endless availability of data. Insights coming from the study of brains (plural intended, since we are learning from brains as simple a worms and as complex as ours), neuronal circuitry, are …

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Ready to outsource your brain?

May be it’s just me, or the fact that I am too old to embrace new ways of doing things. Yet, when reading of ones of Google’s Area 120 experimental products I cannot help but feeling unfit for this brave new world! It is about a “bot” that can replace …

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Will there be a Valentine day for robots?

In most part of the world people are celebrating Valentine day with their … Valentine. As I am getting ready to discuss with several colleagues at the Future Direction Committee meeting the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems initiative I couldn’t help to wonder if this day could also be a day (in …

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When cows go to the cloud

This is nothing new, it is about an Indian company, Chitale Dairy, that back in 2015 started to use technology to improve farmers’ herds health, resulting in more milk being produced and increased farmers’ wealth. After 2 years they are managing over 200,000 cows in the state of Maharashtra through …

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