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Nice book, written by a computer!

Automation is progressing, widening its reach to fields we would have never considered as a target. Writing a book? No way, it takes a human, and a good one at that. Yet, this is what just happened. Springer Nature has published a Machine Generated summary on the status of the …

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A robot can carry your groceries

The French Supermarket chain FranPrix is testing robot shopping delivery in the XIII Arrondissement in Paris. Their plans are to start running the test first  with three robots in one of their stores that will be helping people with some movement impairment (hence having problems in moving stuff from the …

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And Ai begot AI

Kaggle is a website (and a company) dedicated to data scientists where data science projects are published to exchange experience. It is becoming addictive if you are in the field and this is further enhanced by competitions that are being set up challenging those passionate in leveraging data in finding new, …

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3D printing a human heart

Using 3D printers to create tissue is nothing new. It started with printing of skin and progressed with printing jaws and windpipes. In the labs, researchers are working on printing more complex tissues and organs. Bladder and liver have attracted the attention of researchers as well as the heart. The …

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Digital Transformation hits material science

When I was young (that was long long time ago) materials existed in four states: gaseous, liquid, solid and plasma (with this latter reserved for physics buff). It turns out that materials may also exist in a state that is both solid and liquid. Andreas Hermann, at the University of …

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