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48Mpixels in a cellphone camera

The new digital camera sensor, designed for top of the line smartphones by Sony, is quite remarkable and it shows the kind of sophistication, and ingenuity, reached in this area. Cramming 48Mpixels in the small surface available for a sensor targeting smartphones means having to reduce the pixel size considerably, …

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Transhumanisms: Evolving the Human Body V

Optimised diet We already have plenty of “apps” to help in monitoring our food “intake” and advising on what would be best for us and for the kind of activities we are planning. They just represent a starting point for what it might be possible tomorrow. Do you like nightmares? …

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Transhumanism: Evolving the Human Body III

2. Enhanced Sensing A lot of research is ongoing to meet the needs of impaired people who lost completely or partially some of their sense capabilities, be it hearing, seeing, touching, smelling and tasting (the order reflects both the investment and the results obtained so far). Most of the results …

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Transhumanism: Evolving the Human Body II

Human augmentation is a form of evolution that our species has taken in its own hands and it is not going to be stopped. Eventually it might end up in the creation of a new species through bio-engineering that modifies the genome. We are still far from that although the …

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Office space for 12,000 in the Virtual Space

What could be more brick and mortar than a real estate company? One would expect that a company in the real estate brokering business would have offices disseminated in many location to attract sellers and prospective buyers. It turns out that one of these companies, a big one having over …

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Transhumanism: Evolving the Human Body I

We have started to augment our body long long time ago, probably the first augmentation go back 170,000 years ago when our ancestors started to wear clothes to protect themselves from cold weather. You might not consider that an “augmentation” but it actually made possible to extend significantly the human …

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Transhumanism: overview

Evolution has marched along the 4.5 billion years of our Planet. Although life seems to have started some 3.5 billion years ago, evolution was already at work before that time, creating new and more complex molecules that eventually gave rise to the first forms of life. It has never stopped, …

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Do you have a Wall for The Wall?

Last CES (Las Vegas January 2018) Samsung showcased a wall display with a diagonal of 146′ (that’s 3.7 m) made of microLED module. They called that display, aptly, The Wall.  The resolution was 4k (meaning that the individual microLED were quite big, since you get the same resolution in a …

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