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Effective but not affordable drugs?

At the end of August the FDA has approved a therapy, Kymriah, developed by Novartis to fight lymphoblastic leukemia. The therapy is based on the genetic modification of the patient cells transforming them in killer of malignant leukemic cells. It is a way for boosting the patient immunologic system. Clinical …

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Autonomous systems on the rise.

I have been discussing for quite a bit now the technologies that are making autonomous systems possible. Indeed, the forecast is towards an increase of their presence in the next decade. Artificial Intelligence is at the core of autonomous systems. It will permeate them in different degrees, the more autonomous …

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At the edge of science: freezing bits

We are, collectively, producing an astounding amount of bits and there is no ending in sight to the growth. Google, in 2016, is storing bits in 15 data centres (as of 2016), managing 40 million searches per second through over 30 million servers (if you think about it is means …

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Canon is moving manufacturing back to Japan

In a recent announcement Canon indicated the plan to build a manufacturing plant for its single lens reflex digital camera in Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan. This is the first plant being built by Canon in Japan since 2010. Since then Canon moved its manufacturing to low labour cost Countries, like …

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Are we ready for autonomous delivery cars?

Cars manufacturers are now seriously working to make self driving car a widespread reality in the next decade. Yet making it widespread requires more than foolproof technology. It requires acceptance by the market, that is… us! Studies are ongoing to evaluate the acceptability of being driven, rather than be at …

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