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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

True digital image

I posted a few news on the L16, the digital camera (or should I say “cameras”) of Light. First it was about a camera being “promised”, and that was in 2015, then about a camera being tested (2016) and then about being released to the market (2017). Now the camera …

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Some nasty sort of autonomous systems

Back in 1947 Einstein said something like “the fourth world war will be fought by throwing rocks” (there are a few different quotes attributed to Einstein on this point and no consensus on the precise wording he used). The point he made is that a third world war would be …

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Disruptive Technologies for a smart planet impacting beyond 2040 I

According to the Imperial College foresight study several technologies that are brewing in research labs today are likely to have a disruptive impact on the planet: Planetary-scale spectroscopy, Stratospheric aerosol, Genomic vaccines, Invisibility shields, Factory photosynthesis, New Materials, Fusion Power, 4-dimensional materials, Broadcasting of electricity, Bio-plastic, Pollution eating buildings, Vacuum-tube …

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Mapping the brain circuitry

Enormous progress have been made in the last twenty years in our understanding of the brain by the discovery of technologies that can provide better and better maps of the brain structure. The Human Connectome project aims at creating a comprehensive map of neural interconnections and has already delivered impressive images of …

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