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AI bests the best human biochemist

Every day petabytes of medical images are created around the world. Biochemists, radiologists and doctors are looking at these images to detect what “might” be wrong. Researchers are looking at this trying to find ways for automating the process. Image recognition by computers has been the holy grail of artificial …

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Nanomagnetism may be just around the corner

Storage technologies, along with processing and communications technologies, have been the engine of evolution in these last sixty years. The more storage we have and the more storage we need. However, it is not just about “quantity”. As a matter of fact we have now so much storage in use …

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Mind uploading vs Mind Virtualisation I

Mind uploading, i.e. the possibility to transfer all memories, thoughts and feelings from a person’s brain to a computer, has been the realm of science fiction[1]till few years ago. The development of technologies that allow the monitoring of the brain as it “works” have moved the field from science fiction …

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Autonomous robot-bees on the horizon

This is a nice news, at least that’s how I see it, because it points out that the world we live in is amazingly complex in its simplicity. You see meadows and buzzing bees and that’s it. No reason to give a second thoughts about that. Yet, that is a …

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AlterEgo: a step towards symbiotic intelligence

Have you ever dreamt of voicing a question in your head and hearing the answer without anyone around you noticing it? Researchers are working on Brain Computer Interfaces, BCI, but so far this requires bulky settings, wires connecting your head with a computer. Not exactly meeting the requirement of “unnoticed”. …

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