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My photos are heading to the Cloud

I have over 600MB of photos in my computer back home. And I am backing them up on a Time Capsule and on an extern drive. Total: 1.8TB. More than that, in 13 years I have seen an increasing storage need that has been following the Moore’s law. It is because I am …

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Care for an extra skin?

Think about using your skin as an interface for your devices. Your phone starts vibrating in your pocket or purse during a meeting and you decide to stop the incoming call by clicking on … your finger! This is what researchers at Saarland University are proposing by developing an electronic …

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Hey Robot, let’s swap jobs!

In Industry 4.0 we will likely see a seamless cooperation of workers and machines (robots of some sort). This is an area we are looking at within the CyberPhysical Systems activities at EIT ICT Labs. Here is a news from MIT that nicely fits into the path towards Industry 4.0. How to …

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I like you but … do you like me?

I stepped yesterday onto the interesting blog of Shelly Palmer that explored the status of on line dating. You may want to read it (beware though of some errors in the percentage reported… that may give a quite different perception of the situation). An interesting infograph (copied in this post) from Berkely (dated February …

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Quantum physics finds a new application

Quantum physics is possibly the most puzzling scientific development of the last century. If you think you understood quantum physics it probably means that you did not understand what quantum physics is (this is my paraphrasing of the famous statement of Richard Feynman: "If you think you understand quantum mechanics, …

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Remotising the father ….

This news is about something that happened in February, I just run onto it, and I wonder if it might be an anticipation of the future (hope not….) A couple in Australia were 4,000 km away from each other and yet managed to live the birth of their third son together …

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Breakthrough on sight for batteries

Batteries have progressed significantly over the last 20 years, unfortunately much less than the hunger for power of our many electronic devices so that in the end we don’t realise the progress made. We are always short of battery power! Electrical cars need significant battery capacity and any progress in …

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Lab on a chip to detect Ebola virus

Researchers at MIT have created a lab on a chip to detect hemorrhagic viruses, including the Ebola one. These viruses are highly contagious and it is essential to prevent contamination, thus isolating immediately patients hit by these viruses. The problem is that today the diagnostic test to detect Ebola and its siblings …

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Roadmap for graphene

The European Flagship Program "Graphene" has published a very interesting roadmap on graphene: what researchers, academia and industry expect to work on, and deliver, in the coming 8 years (the end of the program is 2024). The roadmap, appearing on the Nanoscale magazine of the Royal Society of Chemistry, is a must …

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