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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Implantable drug dispenser

Few years ago, at MIT, researchers invented a drug dispenser that could be implanted under the skin to release medication at programmable time interval. Out of that research a start up was founded, Microchips Biotech, that has further perfected the dispenser embedding an electronic circuit that can be wirelessly controlled to deliver …

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Entangling Electrons

Entanglement is a quantum phenomena affecting two particles where the quantum state of a particle cannot be considered independently from the quantum state of the other. In other words, if you change the quantum state of an entangled particle you are also changing the quantum state of the other entangled particles. …

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Freezing atoms and electrons

One of the (many) challenges in building a working quantum computer is to make it operate at temperatures closed to the absolute 0. This is needed because as temperature rises there is more instability and the waves (representing "values") cannot be maintained in a coherent state. This is why this news coming from …

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Microrobot drilling through a clogged artery

Teams of researchers from South Korea and US re joining forces to create microrobots that can swim in arteries to reach a clot and drill through it, dissolving it and restoring normal blood flow. They have just announced the creation of microswimmers consisting of a few iron oxide beads (3 to start …

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Data economy in the smart city landscape – X

I’d like to close this long rambling on data economy in the smart city landscape by calling for providing visibility to citizens on the city life in an understandable way.  We have data on a variety of city life aspect, its population distribution, the availability of resources, the use being made …

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That’s something I need right now!

In Trento it is 38° (100.4F) and it is getting unbearable. No wonder that this news caught my eyes. Researchers at San Diego University of California are creating a fabric that can adapt its heat conductivity in such a way to keep the skin temperature at 93°F. This might still seem on the …

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D-Wave broke the 1,000 qBit barrier

D-Wave is for some the very first commercial quantum computer, for others it is just an imitation of the real thing supporting only a subset of the characteristics of a quantum computer. It is produced by D-Wave Systems, in California, and it is being used by universities and by companies. …

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