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Delivering right on the spot … in the brain

We are making good progress in identifying neural circuits in our brain, small areas responsible for the execution of specific tasks. It is not always the case, actually several tasks are involving many areas in different regions of the brain. Also in this case, however, specific regions host neural circuits …

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3D printing … light

Holograms have been around for quite a while and progresses have been made but we are still far from providing a “solid” image that we can look at from different points of view, circling around it as if it were a real 3D object. Researchers at Brigham Young University have …

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Talking about 5G, investing on 4G

Yesterday a journalist wrote me asking to write an article on “Applications of 5G that are useful for citizens”. I replied that I wouldn’t know what to write since I cannot think of an application -useful to citizens- that could only become possible with 5G. 4G is providing plenty of …

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A disruptive technology in image sensing: QIS

Digital image sensors are actually … analogue. They are -sort of- buckets that gets filled with (many) photons. The level of filling during an exposure is converted in a specific voltage that is used by the camera software to associate a certain level of brightness (it is a bit more …

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Stroke rehab leveraging on sensors data

Following up on yesterday’s post on the quantified self, a news on application of smart sensors to fine tune the rehab process following a stroke. At Northwestern University researchers have developed a stretchable sensor that can be used as a band-aid on the body of a patient to detect health …

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Growing the quantified Self

Wearables have been around for several years. They are just becoming more seamless and performant in terms of picking up, with increased precision, a number of parameters from which applications can derive meaning, like counting the number of steps we walk in a day, deriving the calories consumed and getting …

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