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Human in the loop

Exoskeletons have been around for quite a while, originally aimed at augmenting soldiers capability (decreasing fatigue and helping in carrying heavy loads) and then progressively used to help patient with walking deficit, paralyses and during the rehab. Current exoskeletons are good but not as much as designers would have thought: …

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Emergent beings – V

So far the relation human(s) artefacts has taken the centre stage in this series of posts on Emergent Beings, and indeed “symbioses” involves living beings. This meaning has been extended in the previous discussion to include relations between living being (with a focus on humans) and artefacts. This makes sense …

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Code is gaseous: it keeps expanding

When I started to work, back in 1971 (yes I am a dinosaur, i coded using binary and the support was punched tape) memory was at a premium, the less lines of code you can use the better.  Then, in a short time we started to see dramatic increase in …

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Emergent beings – IV

Augmented humans, Humans 2.0 and Transhumanism are sometimes used interchangeably, however The SAS initiative takes the view of a progression where the first step is leading to augmenting the physical abilities of a person (imagine having a wavelength converter embedded in the eye that let that person to see in …

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Emergent beings – III

The symbioses of artefacts with ourselves will move by little steps and it has already begun. Prosthetic hands are becoming more and more sophisticated and part of their increased functionalities stems from the autonomous nature of the prosthetics.  When we pick up an object, several control systems are at work, …

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Looking through walls using WiFi

Electromagnetic signals have been used for quite a while to look through solid surfaces, including looking through our skin to visualise internal organs in the body.  The possibility to use WiFi to look through a wall is also nothing new, there was an article in 2012 reporting the result of …

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Emergent beings – II

The proposed change of name, from “tools” to “systems” I made in the previous post is the consequence of a new qualitative dimensions of modern, computerised tools. Yes, today’s computerised tools are way more complex than what we used just 100 years ago, but that is not the reason. Today’s …

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Emergent beings

Just back from a meeting of the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative in New Brunswick, NJ, where we had some interesting discussions on the topic bordering on philosophy. Human beings have been characterised, to a certain extent, by the tools they made and used, to the point that historical epochs are …

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Digital Transformation – Soft Products

The Digital Transformation is affecting the way products are designed, manufactured, offered and used. The whole value chain is affected. Let’s see an example. Products are becoming more and more softwarized. Inside your digital camera -to take a familiar product-, and even inside its lens, you have plenty of software. …

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