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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Autonomous robot-bees on the horizon

This is a nice news, at least that’s how I see it, because it points out that the world we live in is amazingly complex in its simplicity. You see meadows and buzzing bees and that’s it. No reason to give a second thoughts about that. Yet, that is a …

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AlterEgo: a step towards symbiotic intelligence

Have you ever dreamt of voicing a question in your head and hearing the answer without anyone around you noticing it? Researchers are working on Brain Computer Interfaces, BCI, but so far this requires bulky settings, wires connecting your head with a computer. Not exactly meeting the requirement of “unnoticed”. …

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At the edge of display tech evolution

We have witness the amazing progress in making ever thinner televisions, with displays that have been squeezed in the 3rd dimension from 50 cm and more to 1 cm (with a few top of the line “gadged” in the few mm range). At the same time screens have become larger …

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Sensors get under our skin

Biosensors, that is sensors that can detect parameters in a living being, are becoming more and more effective in several respects: detecting more and more parameters, becoming more and more sensitive, being able to co-exist for long period of time with the hosting organism to the point of becoming an …

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Face Id finds a new application

Using biometric parameters applied to faces has moved from pure research (first attempts in the sixties) to niche applications (it started in military environment) to mass market with the adoption of face recognition in the iPhone X. I am using one and I can say it works pretty well in …

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A growing need for “Long Data”

We are quite familiar with Big Data and we are also quite familiar with Huge Data. The latter are the ones being generated and used every single moment by all of us (posting that picture on Instagram, watching that clip on YouTube….) with the former being the exploitation of that …

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Seeing in the dark with AI

Progress continues in better and better sensors. Canon announced a 120 Mpixels sensor in the APS format that will be available to third parties in a variety of fields, where such high resolution is desirable. They have also announced availability of a low resolution chip, just 2.2 Mpixels (sufficient for …

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Wheels with Software of Software with Wheels?

Tesla has been leading the pack of automakers towards self driving cars and in a way it is an underdog in the complex world of automakers. Lately, major car manufacturers have unveiled plans and roadmaps to deliver completely autonomous self driving cars (that couples with electric cars) and a variety …

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Brain and computer learning together

Brain Computer Interfaces work at two levels, hard and soft. Each one fuels the other and both are needed to establish an effective communications. The hard part captures the electrical activity of neurones, the soft part interprets this activity to derive the meaning. Getting more accurate and selective data on …

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