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A XXI century approach to “rain dance”

Native American Indians have developed across centuries a rain dance (look at the clip for a bit of culture and fun) that was supposedly effective in bringing rain to an area. I can understand if you are a bit skeptical about its effectiveness … Anyhow, the need for rain is …

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Truck to Truck Communications

At the EIT ICT Labs one of our partners, CRF, has been working for quite a while in the area of car to car communications as a way to improve safety on the road.  It is therefore an area that piques my interest. I just read of a successful experimentation …

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Best sieve ever

There are many sort of sieves, from the ones I uses daily to get rid of the water after the "spaghetti" have cooked to the ones used to separate trouts in fish farms. The concept behind a sieve is quite clear. You have a surface that is impermeable and you …

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I’ve found my 3D printer

3D printing is really coming to our homes. I reported just two months ago of an affordable 3D printer I saw at the CEBIT Expo in Hannover, and that one was over 1,000€. Now, on Kickstarter there is the M3D – Micro-, the first 3D printer designed for every home, at a …

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Teaching “etiquette” to robots

The trend is towards a greater pervasiveness of robots and a growing awareness that indeed robots are becoming part of the landscape and we are interacting with them. Today there are already many robots around but most of the time we are not perceiving them (as when I board the …

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And this … is even more amazing!

As I wrote yesterday post  a number kept mulling in my mind: 1 million $. That is the amount of money CENTR is asking from unknown people all over the world. And the amazing thing is that they are likely to get it on the bases of trust among a community …

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This is amazing!

If you are interested in innovation, as you surely are if you follow my blog, you should spend some time on Kickstarter and browse what people are trying to do. You’ll get a glimpse on humans ingenuity and sometimes you stumble onto something that is really amazing, like this: CENTR. It …

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It’s MINE!

I don’t know about you but it already happened to me to have my camera stolen. Since last  year Lenstag is providing, for free…, an app that lets you register your photo gear on line. If somebody is using it and post a photo on the web that photo contains a hidden …

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A Snail vs a Ferrari

Ever wondered what is the average speed of a snail? Actually it varies a lot depending on species and ambient condition, reaching measured peaks of 0.8 kmh, but on the average it is around 0.04 kmh, that is 10,000 times slower than the best Ferrari. Now, all this to say that …

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