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What type of beer does your robot prefer?

Well, actually, how could a robot like one kind of beer better if it cannot distinguish one from the other?  Right, but wrong! Apparently, Spanish researchers have managed to develop a "sense of taste" that can serve well a robot in distinguishing with an accuracy of over 80% a beer …

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Changing Paradigm – II

2. The interplay of alternatives The age of abundance has come in two flavours: first the existence of alternatives (mostly in the area of "hard" technology or in the area of "global platforms"), second the explosion of choices (mostly in the area of "soft" technologies). Let’s consider SED, Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display. This …

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Changing Paradigms – I

I concluded last week the Saga of Research vs Innovation whose main take away should be the differences in skill and organisation underlying "the making" of research vs "the making" of innovation, differences that result in failures when organisations, including EIT ICT Labs, try to tackle innovation in the same …

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Crunching Big data

Processing speed has been increasing with an amazing regularity, the Moore’s law, and today we can crunch with a lap top what required a Supercomputer just 20 years ago. However, the number of data is growing at a faster speed and extracting meaning from these data, the Big Data, requires …

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The Saga of Research vs Innovation X

10. Research and Innovation in Ecosystems In these last fifteen years knowledge has been created at breakneck pace in more and more fields, through contamination of tools making it possibile to extract, process and create information. Electronics and communications are the engine of this growth. Personal computers have placed supercomputer …

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The Saga of Research vs Innovation – IX

9. Innovation Ecosystems So far I have addressed an economic structure based on value chains. This is the “only” possible economic structure since whatever is being done requires some suppliers and some buyers. However, in the last 20 years we have seen two phenomena reshaping the value chains structure: a …

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Feeling blue or in the pink?

Green with envy, feeling blue, being in the pink…. just ways of depicting an emotional state. Well, apparently there is more to these sayings than one would think.   Researchers at the Aalto university investigated how emotions are connected to specific body sensations and have involved a sample of 700 volunteers …

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The Saga of Research vs Innovation – VIII

8. Clocking innovation The go-to-market decision is typical of innovation. An innovator, a company, carefully decides when it is the right time to hit the market. This depends on several factors, like when the announcement can have the best media coverage, what competitors are doing and are likely to do, …

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I’ve got two moms, one dad!

I remember the days when it was said that the mother is always certain, the father not. Even in those days, though, the fact that for any offspring there are exactly one mother and one father was never disputed. In the last decade researchers trying to tackle a number of …

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