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I’ve got two moms, one dad!

I remember the days when it was said that the mother is always certain, the father not. Even in those days, though, the fact that for any offspring there are exactly one mother and one father was never disputed. In the last decade researchers trying to tackle a number of …

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The Saga of Research vs Innovation – V

5. Innovation Pills According to a study of Harvard Business School one of the reasons why Silicon Valley is so successful is the number of start up companies that are acquired by bigger companies. This has a two fold effect: it brings an innovation pill inside the big company and it provides the …

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Reliance Point

Everybody agrees (well, most agree) that leveraging the huge data that are and are becoming available, is to everybody benefits. But leveraging those data means getting hold of a variety of data sources and potentially acquiring insights that may affect the right to privacy of people and enterprises. There are …

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The Saga of Research vs Innovation – IV

4. The "implicit knowledge" As I observed in the second post of this Saga producing innovation most likely requires "implicit knowledge" something that it is not available off the shelf but has to be learned through experience. This applies to individuals as well as companies. It is not a case …

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The Saga of Research vs Innovation – III

3. Getting the lay of the land Innovation, as opposed to research that may produce knowledge that can have no relation with what is already available, happens in the market. As such it has to interact with what is in the market to become an Innovation (e.g. to have success …

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The Saga of Research vs Innovation – II

2. There is so much knowledge to be harvested, and it matters! When doing research you are focussing more and more in producing accurate knowledge about something very specific. On the contrary when producing innovation you need to "grab" a considerable amount of diversified knowledge. Hence, no matter how outstanding the …

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The Saga of Research vs Innovation

1. Two worlds divided by a common goal I have been working for over 40 years now in the environment of research and, as years went by, more and more pressure was put (on researchers) to make sure their research results could generate revenues, in other terms can create innovation …

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