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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Beyond Asimov

Asimov, to me, has always represented the most daring vision of a future that although having some sort of scientific underpinning was basically beyond scientific possibility. However, as time goes by some of Asimov ideas drift into the domain of scientific goals that might be achieved. At the same time, the …

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Looking into my genome

As genome sequencing is getting cheaper more and more of us will end up having our genome in our pocket. Having a 2 GB of A-C-G-T strings is not particularly exciting though. What we would like to have is some sort of indication of their meaning, the probability to run …

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Cooling down electrons

To cool down electrons you can place them in a "fridge". Suppose you have a chip. TO cool down the electrons flowing in the chip transistors you can place the chip in liquid nitrogen and as the chips cools down so do the electrons flowing through it. This approach does …

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Sensing single molecules

Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara, have been able to demonstrate a sensors that can detect single molecules, a holy grail for preventive medicine. Imagine being able to detect since cancerous cells … This has been possible by using MoS2, molybdenum disulfide, of which I posted a news just …

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TTM 2014: Future of Energy

Energy is a very broad area and the track focused mostly on electricity and its production through fossil fuels and renewable. There was no discussion on energy for transportation that by large today is tied up to fossil fuel (oil and its derivative) and just a passing reference to atomic …

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TTM 2014: Future of Humans

We are not the ultimate product of biological evolution, and, more importantly, both technological and cultural evolution are now at the point where they can reflexively affect human evolution directly. Thus, the question is what will Human 2.0 look like, and how will we get there? To look at this …

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TTM 2014: Future of Networks

As engineers in telecommunications, and more generally in networks, we are facing often requests from friends to “fix” their connections, to help in getting rid of spam, to help in dealing with new “pieces” that refuse to connect to their existing appliances. This clearly shows how much “networks” have become …

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TTM 2014: Future of Fabrication

Looking 50 years down the lane we see that more and more people will be “retired” vs the ones that will be “working”. This is a consequence of the longer life span and decreased birth rate. In Japan more than 50% of the population today is above 50 years old. …

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TTM 2014: Future of Health Care

There is a lot going on in the health care space although, unfortunately, most of it is just noise with start ups looking at selling themselves rather than creating a sellable product. Examples of absurd data and absurd computation abounds with apps measuring your exercising rate by using GPS coordinates …

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