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A Zen like bacteria

The heading for this post came to my mind as I a read a news from Berkeley and LBNL. In this news scientists report on a recent study that led to discover what is believed to be the smallest autonomous life on Earth (viruses are smaller but they need to piggy back on a …

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Insect eye for robots

I reported some time ago of an artificial eye, made by curved sensors, that was mimicking an insect eye. Now I run onto a news where this artificial eye has been used to provide information on the environment to a drone-robot to avoid obstacle. Biorobotic researchers at the Institute des Science du Mouvement, …

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The ugly face of Smart Grid

Blackouts are not so rare and they go back in the past. I still remember the clamour generated by the one suffered by New York most 40 years ago (July 13-14, 1977). And we have had several others, Italy included. The faults were different each time, an unexpected overload as …

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Chromebit is here

It was just a matter of time and it would have arrived. Actually I remember presenting it in a book I wrote several years ago (1999, the disappearance of telecommunications) as a natural evolution of computers.  We have seen few years ago the use of flash pen to take your …

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Care to share a photo of a bug?

Yes, today’s it is April fools’ day, but trust me, I am not pulling your leg! I stumble onto a news published by DpReview, one of my favourite photo-news sites, about a crowdsourcing project launched by the University of Texas to harvest high quality photos on insects.  Aptly named "Insects Unlock" the project …

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Towards 10TB SSD

Samsung has been leading evolution of SSD memory (Solid State Drive) and managed to stack few layers of memory on the same chip thus increasing capacity. Now Toshiba has announced a leap in stacking by developing the world’s first 48 layer SSD with a single chip capacity of 128Gbit (each …

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Let me teach you, so I learn

Just two days ago I reported of new ways to teach a robot. Now I stumbled onto a news from EPFL where they invented a process to help kids learn to write by teaching a robot … to write! It is well known that if you are trying to teach to someone …

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AgBots: a revolution in the making

The changes in agriculture over the last two centuries have been staggering. The time span is long enough for this change to have happened without people really noticing what was going on. Two centuries ago most of humankind was working in agriculture. The yield was limited (although much better than …

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My photos are heading to the Cloud

I have over 600MB of photos in my computer back home. And I am backing them up on a Time Capsule and on an extern drive. Total: 1.8TB. More than that, in 13 years I have seen an increasing storage need that has been following the Moore’s law. It is because I am …

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