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As cold as it gets

Scientists have been able to freeze a million atoms of rubidium at at temperature of a  100 billionth degrees above absolute zero in an experiment carried out at Washington State University. That is the coldest place in the whole universe (assuming there is not another lab somewhere with crazy scientists doing this kind …

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Noisy decisions

A philosophical issue that kept fascinating me is the one of free will. Philosophers have taken different standpoints on this, and religions are as well taking different standpoints.  Some studies on quantum effects, and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, have been called into sustaining the physical underpinning for free will. But so …

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The magic of “Phonons”

You know a lot about Photons, quantum of light, but may be you haven’t explored the intriguing "Phonons". These are "quantum of sound" (I am using quantum in a very loose way). Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory have manage to create phonons by using laser pulses to hit gold …

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The obvious is so difficult

Look at that dog. It is wagging its tail, looks like it has seen his owner approaching it. Looking, recognising the wagging dog and deducing why it looks happy is not rocket science. And yet it is a most difficult task for a computer. What is obvious to us is usually …

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Mimicking Nature once more

Researchers at Sony have been able to manufacture a curved CMOS sensor with a bit of biomimicry that simplifies the lens system and support higher sensitivity. The eyes of animals are curved and the retina, the part acting as light sensor, follows the curvature. The mechanics of the eye is simpler than …

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Come on, it is MY watch!

As rumours get stronger on the appearance of an Apple "iWatch" we are getting used to the idea of wearing smart apparel loaded with sensors that can detect a variety of parameters about us and our life style. Here comes the news from a paper I just read, written by …

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Paradigm Changes: Network Infrastructure VI

6. Communications Paradigms The Communication Fabric will have some significant differences from the infrastructure we are used today. It will be a set of networks, most at the edges of the main pipes, that will not just be seen as transport facilities. Actually they will have processing power and storage …

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Paradigm Changes: Network Infrastructure V

5. From Infrastructure to Fabric In the coming years the number of local network, both deployed by a variety of owners (residential, shops, malls, municipalities …) will keep growing and in addition we will see a variety of objects creating networks, smart phones, computers but also cars, light poles, appliances, …

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