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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Computational Material Science

When looking at the next decade some predict that it will be characterised by progress on the brain, others by bio-engineering, others by a pervasive computation and communications structure based on objects (IoT) whilst others are envisioning dramatic opportunities brought up by Material Science. It will be probably a bit of each …

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Lending “our stuff” to robots

We have become accustomed to the idea of embedding of prosthetics into our body and to the fact that these are going to become more and more smart (smart pills, smart chips, eventually micro-robots).  Scientists and researchers are also looking into the opposite direction: embedding bio-materials, like cells, into a …

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Do you really want to know?

We are getting more and more health conscious, as more and more science understand metabolisms we are being told not to eat (too much of) this, to eat that, some of us are getting paranoid about what they eat (not me actually). We have seen information on calories and content …

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Towards carbon based electronic circuits

At the University  of Southern California a team of researchers is preparing for a future where electronic circuits will be based on carbon nanotubes. They just published an article on Nature describing a process to create a hybrid circuit based on thin film technology and carbon nanotubes. I already reported on progress …

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No more roll-calls?

I don’t know about you, but spending quite a bit of my time in meetings I couldn’t help but noticing that every time we use (waste) some time for the roll call of participants so that everybody knows who is the other guy, his department, what is actually working on …

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Knock Knock: the future is here.

A few years ago Sergey Brin claimed that Google by 2018 will be able to answer questions like: "where did I put my keys?". Now, this is a quite complex question, it requires to understand who you are what keys are you talking about and this in turns may require …

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Cheaper than peanuts

The price of storage keeps tumbling. As technology becomes more effective, both in terms of end product and in terms of production, the price comes down. Also, new technologies and paradigms are further decreasing the price of storing bits. Google, as an example, is charging as of July 2014 0.026 …

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2020: nanotubes based chips?

It is now a few years that carbon nanotubes have been demonstrated to have a Schottky junction, that is they can operate as a transistor.  Having a chip based on carbon nanotube is quite interesting since that would lead to higher density (more capacity and performance) with less use of …

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