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Skipping the eyes, seeing with the brain

DARPA has awarded 26M$ to the University of Berkeley as part of its NESD – Neural Engineering System Design – program. The overall program, announced in January 2016, calls for the development of an implantable system supporting precise communications between the digital world and the brain, in practice converting electrochemical …

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Smart Cities as Symbiotic Autonomous Systems

Visiting a new city as a tourist is exciting, visiting it as an engineer might be even more exciting, particularly in these times when technology dominates, although it is mostly invisible to citizens and tourists alike. It takes an engineer’s eye, and some help from cities’ managers and operators to …

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Bits and Atoms in manufacturing

Google stop selling its Glass in 2015 after a slow uptake in the mass market and many concerns on privacy violation to the point that several establishments forbid entrance to people wearing them. However Google Glass has found a good (and broad) niche in the enterprise world.  Several companies, like …

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A new type of transistor!

A transistor is a component that is able to make an electron current flow depending on the presence or absence of a signal. Think about a faucet: you open the faucet (the signal) and water flows. You close it and water stops. Transistors are made of silicon (even though the …

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Roomba moves to the garden

Joe Jones was one of the researchers in the team that invented Roomba, actually Joe was the one providing the vision of a robot that was simple enough and affordable enough to be used in a home as vacuum cleaner. Roomba is probably one of the most successful robot ever, …

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