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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Towards Humans 2.0 – II

I described our evolution as human species as a result of our ability to develop and use ever more effective (and sometimes) complex tools. Of course this goes both ways. One can rightly say that it is our evolution that has led to the capability of creating better tools. The …

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Towards Humans 2.0

The dividing line, if ever there was one, between our ancestors and the present human species has been set by the acquired capability to use tools (it goes back to millions of years ago, the oldest proves of humans using tools go back to 2-3 million years ago with homo …

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The Atomristor is here!

The Moore’s law has reached its endpoint (since 2014 the economics no longer works, i.e. the cost per transistor no longer halves as its dimension shrinks and its shrinking is also slowing down). Researchers are at work to find alternative to silicon and to current architectures. One way being explored …

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AI helping in tracking our “best” life moments

Life-logging, the idea of recording our life moments, goes back to several decades (Vannevar Bush: the quantified self, 1945) but it has become “feasible” in the last fifteen years. Probably the most famous life-logger was Gordon Bell, a Microsoft researcher emeritus now retired, that started wearing a camera around his …

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Do you still remember the Waterfall Model? II

The double helix model of innovation took into account the importance of market pressure in steering innovation. That was a significant shift from the situation in the last century when technology was the main driver. It was relatively scarce and when you got a new technology that would push new …

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Do you still remember the Waterfall Model?

Long long time ago, it was in the 70’s, I worked on the first initiatives of Software Standardisation at the ITU, the International Telecommunications Union, and one of the topic addressed was the Specification of Software Requirements. That gave rise to the ITU Standard SDL – Specification and Description Language– …

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Let’s start talking about 6G!

What?! 5G is not year yet and I am proposing to start talking about 6G? Well, as an excuse, let me say that I am not the only one, and talking about 6G is a way to demystify 5G. It may also be appropriate to point out that someone believes …

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A global infrastructure

When thinking about big Telecommunications Infrastructures most of the people think about AT&T, China Telecom, Orange… Indeed these big Telcos have huge pervasive infrastructures on the home turf plus connections reaching several other Countries. Very few would think about Google. Yet, Google has been steadily buying international/intercontinental traffic capacity for …

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