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Transparent biosensors

In Italian there is a saying: "the eyes are the mirror of the soul". And it is not just in Italian.  “The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden; and like a mirror, they also reflect the person looking into them.” (quote …

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Excitement from Neural Laces

The recent launch of Neuralink by Elon Musk, a company whose business is connecting brains to computers, has created quite an excitement in the scientific community, not because scientists feel that they will succeed anytime soon, the problems that remain to be solved are huge, but because Elon Musk has …

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Pulling water out of dry air

Just a few days ago I posted a news on progress being made in water desalination. This is a great thing for people living in arid areas with access to sea water. It does not help those living inland, far away from a seashore. Now I stumbled onto a news …

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Looking into your own DNA

Progress in DNA sequencing has made possible to get your DNA sequence in just a few days at a cost that is now under 1,000$. Still expensive but nothing if you compare to the cost of just few years ago. And speed of sequencing and cost of sequencing will continue …

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Exploiting sensors

Just two weeks ago I gave a lecture at the Turin Polytechnic on smart cities and I spent some time discussing sensors. I made the point that in the next decade we might see sensors becoming a global platform that can be used by a variety of applications. Today, sensors are …

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Nanowires to connect with the spinal cord nerves

Optogenetics, the technology and science looking at interaction with neurones and nerves, is a new area but it has already achieved in a short time amazing results in looking at brain neuronal circuits expanding our understanding of its structure and functions. Microscopic probes have been created to minimise damage to …

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Graphene as a sieve for desalination

We are thirsty. In a year we use some 4,000 cubic kilometres of fresh water, and overall we have plenty of fresh water on Earth (fresh but not necessarily clean, getting purified water in general needs processing). However, fresh water is not evenly distributed and most of it is in …

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Placing a video screen in our body

Medical imagining keeps making progress. It has improved dramatically in the last decades, thanks to new ways to look inside the body and the use of computers to make sense of the data captured. We are now able to look at cell level using markers that fluoresce when the cell …

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