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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

From Smart to Intelligent Cities

Smart is being able to make the most out of a situation, leveraging on what can be available. Intelligent means the capability to look ahead and make “conscious” decisions now, taking into account their impact on a longer term. Most animals are very smart, only a few, including (sometimes) humans …

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A virtual voyage inside the brain

The amount of data that is becoming available on the brain, both the human one and the ones of those animals, like the mouse, that are used to study brain structures keeps growing on a daily base and has already reached staggering levels. There are now hundreds of terabytes of …

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If it is faster … it is 5G

We don’t have 5G standards yet, they will come at the end of 2018, may be in 2019, but this is not stopping companies to sell 5G!  Look at Verizon. They have announced the launch of 5G residential service in 2018 delivering high speed internet access. Not all is defined …

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The race to more storage capacity is still on

I haven’t been posted for quite a while news on the evolution of storage performance. Moore’s law has come to a halt in 2015 in terms of economic squeezing of cost per transistor but industry kept working on improving storage media under the pressure of end users demand. The shift …

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Autonomous Systems in 2018

The FDC Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative stems from the growing presence of autonomous systems in our daily life, from autonomous vacuum cleaners to drones, from self driving cars to robots in manufacturing. The evolution in this area will be both “invisible” and “spectacular”! There will be a smooth, almost imperceptible …

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The Husbands’ Pods

The news is not “new”, it was on newspapers a few months ago, but it came back to me as we are going from the Black Friday to the Cyber Monday. A shopping bonanza that is shifting from brick and mortar retail store to the cyberspace. It is about a …

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