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Tech for Autonomous Systems – Advanced Interaction Capabilities III

Actuators technologies Movement, and its subsets of exercising pressure, shifting weight and balance, have been accomplished through mechanical systems usually controlled by electronics. There are linear and rotary actuators, some using purely mechanical means others a mixture of mechanical and fluid power. Micro movements have become possible using micro-electromechanical systems. …

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Carrying 10 Exabyte of cars generated data

Toyota announced on August 10th the creation of the Automotive Edge Computing Consortium, along with Intel, Ericsson, Denso Corp, NTT and NTT Docomo. The consortium has the goal of developing an ecosystem for connected cars able to leverage on the huge amount of data that vehicles, and particularly autonomous vehicles …

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4D digital camera for robotic vision

Researchers at Stanford Computational Imaging Lab have developed a 4D camera to help autonomous vehicles and more generally robots to assess their environment. The 4D refers to the fact that the system is able to capture an image (2D) creating various focus planes (3D) using light field technology and providing …

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60TB seem huge, till you see 330TB

Last year, 2016, Seagate presented their new SSD storage with a huge 60TB capacity. It is not on the market yet, as of August 2017, and analysts expect a price tag around 40,000$, not exactly for my purse. That means a 0.66$ cost per GB. Compare this with a cost …

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Post processing before taking the shot!

Post processing lets you tweak your digital photos to improve the image (what it might mean to you: making it as similar as possible to the image you saw or enhancing some aspects to steer the image perception where you want) and that is why it is called “post processing”. …

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The Magic Bench

Disney has always been about … magic, so no wonder they came up with a Magic Bench. At Disney research they have come up  creating a magic bench for you to sit on and enjoy an immersive virtual reality. The bench is placed in front of a very large screen …

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