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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Looking ahead to 2050 – Communications trends II

Telecommunications used to connect human beings. Then it started to connect computers and then human to computers. Now we are seeing more and more connected things, among themselves and with humans. At TTM 2016 an interesting panel discussed the future of IoT, Internet of Things. The first point touched upon …

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Looking ahead to 2050 – Stretching the Moore’s Law

If the shrinking of size has reached its practical physical limits (notice the the theoretical limits are far away, but they are not, in the present environment “practical”) it is also true that researchers are looking for alternatives to present manufacturing approaches. The first is to look into different materials that can …

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Wearable, in the end, may be good for your health!

I remember sitting at a TTM, Technology Time Machine, a few years ago listening to a speech on the usefulness of data generated by consumer products monitoring daily activity and some health parameter like heart beat, respiration and so forth.  The speakers said that the data generated by these “gadgets” (his …

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Looking ahead to 2050 – The Evolution Clock

I already observed that the evolution clock has not been “ticking” constantly through the ages. Actually for thousands of years it was almost standing still, sometimes making a few ticks and then stopping again.  We saw it starting to move with the industrial revolution and it hasn’t stopped since. In the last …

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Looking ahead to 2050 – Why?

I gave a presentation at the Eindhoven Technical University on Engineering in 2050. When I was asked to do that, and they provided me with the title, I objected that it was asking for a science fiction presentation, not for a science presentation. Apparently they agreed that it was not …

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I can read your fingers ….

Signal processing keeps advancing with unexpected consequences.  Roughly two years ago I posted a news from MIT where researchers showed how to "hear" a conversation in a sealed room by using a laser beam through a closed window to hit a chips package on the table in the room and by …

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Sensing molecules with light

At MIT researchers have invented a new type of spectroscopy that is both cheaper and easier to perform. With spectroscopy (see clip) we are able to investigate the structure of matter by studying the interference of the atoms with an electromagnetic beam. The beam is absorbed by the atoms (their …

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Implantable devices with a magnetic engine

Researchers at Columbia Engineering working on a project funded by NIH and the Agency for Science Technology and Research in Singapore have created an implantable microelectromechanical system (iMEMS) that can be safely implanted in a human body and can be controlled from outside. The problem with implantable devices is the …

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