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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Brain to muscles interface

Brain Computer interfaces are now making the headlines of newspapers around the world. They hit the imagination making miracles possible. At the end of March the news of Bill Kockevar, a 53 year old man paralysed from his shoulders who lost control of his limbs after a bike accident, able …

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Let there be light!

Our small planet shines during the night with billions of lights. It is surely unique in our planetary system an indicator that the Earth is inhabited by a species that have achieved a technology stage enabling the biblical order: "let there be light". Interestingly, observing the Earth and its (our) …

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Another dream comes true

Have you ever dreamt of understanding foreign languages through some magic, invisible device that can whisper the translation in your ears? Dream no more. Technology has made this possible. We have got used to read Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Tagalog through our computer, using Google Translate. This is also available …

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Layering sensors on objects copying form beetles

The next decade is likely to see a profound change in terms of interaction between ourselves and the ambient. Objects are embedding more and more processing capability and this provides them with "awareness" that in turns makes interaction with us much more seamless. However, to get to that point objects …

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Flow battery on a chip

There are many types of batteries available and progress continues in refining the various technologies. This is both accelerating the shift towards electrical power and is the result of the ongoing shift. One is providing steam to the other. The increase power production through renewables, California is already exceeding the …

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Moving to the edges

Our smartphones are becoming more and more powerful in terms of processing capability and storage capacity. This makes it possible to move to the smartphone many activities that today are executed in the network or in the Cloud.The problem is that this increased performances come with a price: increased power …

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