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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Hiding in plain sight

Seeing is straightforward. You just need to take a look and your eyes will report to your brain what’s “outside”. Actually, it is a tad more complicated that this. If you have look at the photo you have probably identified something green that looks like a toothbrush but you might …

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Smart contact lenses talk with your phone

One of the crucial issues in many IoTs is how to power them in ways that they can harvest data and transmit them to a receiver connected to the Internet. Actually the most difficult part is to power the (wireless) transmission because that is where most power is required. Local …

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Digital Transformation

Yesterday I gave a talk at Zain on the ongoing Digital Transformation and today I am talking at the Bahrain Technology Week on Innovation in the Digital Transformation era. The Digital Transformation started a few decades ago with the entrance of computers in products and services value chains and in …

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Can we have a digital twin?

Digital twins, a name created by General Electric to identify the digital copy of an engine manufactured in their factories, are now a reality in a number of industries. They can be almost “identical” to the real thing, like in the case of General Electric engines and some modern keys …

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Transportation leveraging on 5G

Most road transportation today is using wireless communications, both for its operation as well as offering connectivity, entertainment and information services to “passengers”. As important if not even more the use of wireless in tracking goods enabling continuous monitoring and effectiveness in the logistics value chains. In the coming years, …

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Health Care leveraging on 5G

In the healthcare area we are seeing a growing attention to prevention on one side and to customisation on the other. Both are leveraging on monitoring possibilities offered by ambient sensors (videocameras, smartphones), wearables (bracelets, smartwatches), contact sensors (contact lenses, patches) and embedded (under skin, injectable). In terms of customisation …

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Education leveraging on 5G

Very recently the Ministry of Education in Italy has “promoted” the use of the smartphone in classrooms, recognising a positive role they can play in education. This is a strong signal of change in Italy, and it is mirrored in several other Countries, recognising that technologies can make education more …

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A smart pen for cancer screening

A team of researchers at Austin University has announced the creation of a sensor, in shape of a pen, that can detect molecules for spectroscopy analyses leading to the detection of cancerous cells. The pen is 3D printed and is used by a doctor to touch a tissue, both in …

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